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11-22-2002, 04:41 AM
I signed up with a hosting company that'll let me do just about anything (barring illegal stuff). So now I want to set up my site similiarly to geocities, where people can come sign up and get email automatically with the webspace....or vice versa....sign up for email and get webspace. But I'm not an experienced programmer, and I can't seem to find a good hosting software that includes both. Any idea's?

Or....if someone out there knows enough out MySql, what would it take to integrate two user databases that way?

11-23-2002, 01:58 AM
I don't know of any host that will do that offhand (unless you're hosting yourself), and you'd probably have to have access to their admin scripts to allow new email user accounts to be created. I just don't think that's a good idea personally... have you talked to them about it? I would do that first.

By the way, I have the quote in your signature as a bumper sticker on my van. ;)

11-23-2002, 06:14 AM
check it out here (http://adulthost.com)

Their package includes:
Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Traffic / Bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Unlimited E-mail Forwarding, Unlimited Auto Responders, Unlimited Domain Parking, Unlimited FTP / Telnet / SSH, All accounts on dedicated hosting, etc, etc, etc...too much stuff to list here, but here's a quote from directly from the site...

No Restriction Of Your Content - We Host All Sites !

lol, I've always loved that quote!