View Full Version : It's not printing the whole document

Dec 6th, 2006, 04:42 PM
Dear people,

Iím going mad, please help.
I have this html document that looks perfect on the screen, but when I print it, the printer just prints 3 sheets of paper when they should be 20 at least.
Iíve been changing things for a week now, but Iím not lucky. Anyone knows whatís wrong? Where the error is? What should I look for?

Tons of thanks in advance!

Dec 6th, 2006, 05:13 PM
I think the problem is in <DIV STYLE="float: left;
but I need the page aligned left .. what should I do??

Dec 6th, 2006, 06:40 PM
Hello millstones,
We'd really need a link to have any chance of figuring out the cause of any problem like that.
I would expect that inline styles like your float: left could be causing problems.
Maybe it would work better to be styled from a .css file instead?
I don't know how that affects printing...