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12-05-2006, 11:52 AM
Hi all!

Just having a bit of a problem with a new Website I'm designing. Its being developed in XHTML and CSS, although im having just a few little issues.

I have tested the design on the following systems:

Windows XP - Internet Explorer 7
Windows Vista - Internet Explorer 7
Windows XP - Mozilla Firefox
Windows Vista - Mozilla Firefox
Windows XP - Internet Explorer 6
Mac OSX - Safari

ISSUE 1 - IE6 Borders on Sidebar-------------------------------
When you load the WEBSITE (http://www.laguna-designs.com/WIP/nkrc/index.html) in Internet Explorer 6, the borders on the sidebars go a little crazy as you can see from the below picture. The left one totally disappears and the right one appears around 5px too far right then it should be.
It should appear like below
ISSUE 2 - MacOSX Dropdowns-------------------------------
The dropdowns work perfectly in IE7 and Firefox, and dont work at all in IE6 (im fine with that... i already have a workaround for this) but they kinda work in MacOSX, and i would rather them either work 100% or not work 100%. You can see the issue below... the menu appears over the top of the icon and obscures it, rather then dropping down below it. It all looks rather ugly.

If anyone can help me with either of these issues, it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm really happy with how the website is coming along apart from this. I'm really getting the hang of CSS apart from these few little issues. And the more I do web design, the more the following pie chart makes sense to me:

Dylan Lindgren.

12-05-2006, 10:19 PM
LOL! I LOVE that pie chart! I need a poster size of that to hang in my office!

Don't have an answer to your question...but *BUMP * anyway! ;)

IE6 is the bane of any CSS designers existence! Hence, that big ol' slab of yellow on that pie!!! :D