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12-03-2006, 12:31 AM
hi, i'm new to css, and i'm having a problem with how IE renders things

here is my page: http://www.karnov.net/juggle/

at the moment, im using firefox 2.0 1280x800, and i was hoping to get everything looking nice, then work on making everything compatible.

i am trying to get the iframe background image static, so it stays in the same place whether you scroll or not. if i put that information in the iframe tag, it works fine in firefox, but shows up white in IE.

so, i was told i should put the background image in each of the subpages. so i made a little css for them, positioning everything 'center right'.

so now the background images show up in both IE6 and firefox, but the problem is that the background image isnt static, it scrolls with the frame. also, the picture doesn't show up in the same location. i realize this is because positioning it 'center right' is relative to the length of the page, but making it an absolute position doesn't solve the scrolling problem.

did that make any sense? if you look at the page, you'll probably see what i'm talking about.

how can i fix this?



edit: dumb mistake, like i said im new to css
i needed to add background-attachment: fixed

however, this still slightly offsets things, because the scrollbar on some pages
shifts the image to the left. is there any way to get the scrollbar to go on TOP
of the background image?