View Full Version : I would like a javascript that slideshows mpgs instead of slidshowing images, please.

12-02-2006, 04:25 PM
Would someone please help me develop a javascript that slideshows mpgs in a similar fashion to the scripts that slideshow images.

I would like to see a clip1.mpg run for say 30 seconds and be replaced immediately by clip2.mpg for the same time (30 secs) and then be replaced by clip(n).mpg for the 30 secs then repeat at clip1.mpg --- all in the same location, very similar to image slideshows.

One glitch, I am prohibited from using "img dynsrc=" by the host I will be uploading to. I am alowed to use html's "embed" though.

If asking for a complete script is too much, please stear me in a direction.
I almost understand timeouts but dont know how to "stack them?" , nor am i able to do counts and resets.

Loving thanks,