View Full Version : Sidebar Containing Liquid boxes?

Nov 29th, 2006, 03:57 AM

I have a website i'm trying to work-up. I have a successfull site that is 3 Rows, #header, #content, & #footer. #header is locked at fixed width at the top of the page, #footer at the bottom of the page (or content, if content exceeds bottom of viewport). #content is fluid.

Within the #content row, I have a sidebar. The side bar holds 3 boxes. I want box 1 to sit at the top of the sidebar, box 3 at the bottom - and I want box 2 to stretch to fit the remaining space in the middle. But because the row #content is fluid, box 2 also has to be fluid. How would I go about this?

Note: I want a minimum height for box2...so it doesnt get any smaller than 150px. But how would I get this middle box2 to stretch sitting inside of a fluid row? Essentially, it's a fluid 3 row layout inside of a fluid 3 row layout -_-