View Full Version : Open Source Office, calling for developers

11-29-2006, 01:59 AM
Thought about making web 2.0 apps like google docs and zoho writer yourself? Well, here is your chance. Not really. We are not recreating them but we are doing something similar and superior(hopefully) to them.

This is an open source community driven attempt to create an online office suite. We began last week and have already started coding on the writer/word processor. We only have four developers now and we are desperately seeking more developers to accelerate development. Come and join in the fun.

For more info, IM (immediate response) me at saynothingyetsomething@hotmail.com or take a look at the wiki http://ioffice.wetpaint.com/ (wetpaint seems to be down now). The technologies involved are AJAX, HTML and PHP with a mysql database. This is really exciting :) . (beating Google in something?? haha, maybe...)