View Full Version : Send User to Appropriate Page After Login (How do I?)

11-27-2006, 06:43 PM
I am creating a series of multi-page surveys. I have created the surveys and will save posted data via MySQL (thanks for the help mlseim). (Note that this is my first coding endeavor, so please state the obvious and don't worry about being too basic in your descriptions.)

I don't expect anyone to answer all my questions, but I would appreciate any help and will also appreciate the proper search terms (i.e. what's the lingo I should be using? I can't put a three-paragraph description into Google.)

So, how do I accomplish the following?

1) Create a login page that says "New Users click here..." and "Returning Users Click Here" with user name and password fields in each section.

This would then be compared to what is stored in the db and then they will be sent to a page as follows:
2) New users are sent to the first page of the survey.
3) Returning users are sent to the point at which they exited the survey (i.e. they finished pages 1-3 but have yet to complete 4-5, so they are sent to page 4 upon filling in user name and password).

4) Responses from multiple pages will be saved such that I can match responses on each page to the person who submitted the responses (without asking for the user name on each page. I believe that this is accomplished using cookies, but I don't know how to make it happen.)

Thanks for helping me out as I learn php (and forms and html for that matter!). Again, I think I get the concept, but any snippets or correct search terms will be very helpful.

FYI, I'm developing my pages using DreamWeaverMX.