View Full Version : Looking for Contact Form Help

11-26-2006, 04:49 PM
Here's what I'm looking for;

echo here

Name * (validate)
Email Address * (validate)

I'd like "(*) is a required field" or "Your email has been sent" to echo above "Name" on the same page (like above).

When the email is sent, I'd like it to display users Email and Subject (not Nobody and blank Subject), then in the body the Name & Message.

PHP would be nice, since it hides the Email. I have Perl, but not used to that as I tried a script and I get errors saying 'others can write file' and 'can not execute' on the .pl file.

Here's some info on the server;

Apache 1.3.37 (unix)
PHP 4.4.4
Perl 5.8.7
MySQL 4.1.21-standard

Thanks for any help with this, as I've been playing around for 4 days with it. :(