View Full Version : Why are my images showing up as "slivers" in IE 6?

Nov 18th, 2006, 05:56 PM
Hello everyone,

My website http://www.biklopsdesign.com looks great in firefox, but in IE6, every other image just shows up as a tiny "sliver." Look here:


What causes that? What can I do??

Nov 18th, 2006, 06:18 PM
You'll need to remove the < head > tag from right at the top of your code, for a start, it shouldn't be there.

Also, make sure the link to your stylesheet is contained within the < head > tags.

You are also missing an opening < html > tag, which should be there, right before the < body > tag.

Also, right at the bottom of your code, you hav a closing script tag. That shouldn't be there either.

I'm not saying that will definately fix things, but I'm sure it can't be helping!

But at the moment you're making browsers do some heavy heavy guessing as to how they should render your page.

Kind regards,


Nov 18th, 2006, 10:08 PM

The problem ended up being specifying "auto" for image height. All sorted, but your suggestions were made and resulted in a much cleaner site, thanks!