View Full Version : Simple question - image -> div border problem

Nov 17th, 2006, 11:13 AM
This is what i believe to be a simple problem, but due to my never improving css skills, I can not get around it. Basically, I was hired onto a job with a rush development date and after it launches, I was going to take some time to convert it to xhtml/css build (hoping to reverse that never improving skillset).

BUT my question concerns the bottom of my page, where there is a content box with three placeholder images inside and substitute copy. Basically, I have images for the rounded corners of the container and then I have floated the three inside placeholders to the left so they kind of 'fall' in line and center based on the width of the container (990). This all seemed to work fine, however, when previewing it in a browser, there are thin lines seperating the rounded corner images on the top and bottom with the central container div. If i place the images inside the div, the problem then becomes that the container creates sharp edges at its borders... defeating the purpose of the rounded images altogether... Here is an example of each scenario.



It may be pointless for me to try and add this bit of css in to a old table ridden layout - if i should just wait until I undertake the task of reworking the website in complete css then just tell me to save my time.

Thanks in advance


Nov 17th, 2006, 11:50 AM
seems to be fixed in IE but not in firefox... also in the older version of firefox the three images dont seem to float correctly and end up falling to a second row... ah the problems mount