View Full Version : Using CSS and Java to place Fluid Flash... Safari Help

Nov 14th, 2006, 08:50 PM

on this site i am using css to style and java to put the flash into the html.
i am really new to all of this.

I wanted the flash to be "fluid" so edited the actionscript to detect the brower window size. It works fine in explorer and firefox but is not safari.

java is located: http://www.homebuyerbasics.com/flash.js

css is located:http://www.homebuyerbasics.com/proofcss.css

I am not sure if there is something i could add to get around the issue or if i need to take away or edit something... or if i need to do some sort of browser-detection thing and have the flash come up fixed in safari. please help. this is my first css and java page so i don't really know how to address this issue correctly.