View Full Version : infinite menu issue - ie6 vs firefox

Nov 14th, 2006, 09:00 AM

recently used infinite menus for a website we developed "http://www.nationalhealthpartners.com". they work fine on IE 6 but seem to give a problem on firefox 2.0... don't work the same neither look the same...
(1) there is an extra band that comes under the horizontal menu when compared to IE6
(2) we've got a flash animation below the menu on the homepage and when you mouse over the button, the drop down menu goes below the flash content
(3) another thing is the effect given to the drop down menus does not occur in firefox 2.0

another problem not pertaining to the menus is the "in the news" scroll text box on the bottom left of the index page... the space between the pic and scroller occurs in ff but looks fine in ie6

please help as the website is online and the firefox 2.0 user is unable to choose where to go from the home page