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11-13-2006, 03:58 PM
Hi all,

I just implemented a redesign on a site that I've had for about 5 years. I'm looking for feedback on the site.

The URL is: http://www.yourlistonline.com

Please feel free to register (and use the site if you'd like, after all I do want it to be successful).

Some things I'm looking for in the feedback.

1) What's your overall impression?

2) Functionality. Do things work as expected? Is there something that you don't understand from a functionality perspective?

3) What's "missing" from the site. If you were going to use the site, is there a feature / functionality that you would like to see?

I'm still working on getting all the pages to validate. I think I'm really close, so that should be done soon.

Anyway, please review the new design at http://www.yourlistonline.com. Feel free to register and share with friends and family if you'd like.



11-14-2006, 04:13 PM

I love the bright, happy boy's face as the site displays!
Very simple neutral colors that blend perfectly with your site logo.
The right side navigation is very clear and defined
Each link describes it's destination quite clearly
I didn't actually setup a wishlist of my own...don't have anyone to buy for me *chuckles* ...but I think it serves just as good if not a better purpose than the wishlist on Amazon if only because you're not inundated with a bajillion ads for things you're not interested in.

Your link for the Katrina victims is well-thought but I think you need a better description of what the link goes to
The right side navigation could use a lil more life - too much space between the nav and the Katrina link and Google links

looks like you beat me on that one :)

otherwise I think the site looks great!! keep up the good work!!

11-15-2006, 03:35 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Yah, the google ads can be a tricky beast. Sometimes they work great, sometimes not.

Right now, for the next few months, the focus of the site will be to place Christmas / Holiday wish lists online, but the functionality goes way beyond that. I'm working right now to enable a "private" list feature so you can put things like grocery lists, work lists, etc on the site as well. I'll probably be shifting the focus in January on the front page to emphasize that aspect as well.

Did anyone checkout the toolbar? http://www.yourlistonline.com/toolbar.php

Any more feedback from others?


11-16-2006, 01:05 AM
Brandon, it looks great!

The gift box and the wishing well I'm not too sure about - I'd like to see them as matching icon type illustrations - the gift box looks like a cheapo stock pic, and the wishing well just looks like.... well, visually incongruous.

Functionally, I think maybe it is a bit limited in terms of 'moochability' i.e. you could do with providing a few more options, other than: Get started, Find a list, and FAQs. What if you just want to have a mooch about and get a feel for what the site is about, before committing or joining?

I.e. when you click on 'creating your own wish list.' on the homepage (next to the photo of the boy) it takes you to a log in page - IMO the login page should also have a 'Not a member? Create acount' form too?

Just a few little gripes though, sterling job :thumbsup:

Kind regards,


11-23-2006, 12:45 PM

nice layout
nice colours
like the possition of the navagation ( different ) :D
nice fonts

one thing at the top image were it says yourlistonline.com

make that brighter and i think it would look nice