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Nov 12th, 2006, 05:07 PM

I need help to modfiy a script.

Current situation:

I have different clickable categories wich can be selected by checkboxes [] - look like:

[] Categorie 1
[] Categorie 2
[] Categorie 3

Clicking one of these categories shows hidden subMenus - look like:

[] SubMenuEntry 1
[] SubMenuEntry 2

[] SubMenuEntry 3
[] SubMenuEntry 4

[] SubMenuEntry 5
[] SubMenuEntry 6

So far so good!

Now: It is possible, that category 3 has a same subMenuEntry as in category 1. Than this subMenuEntry from category 3 has not to be displayed, because it has the same checkboxID as the subMenuEntry from category 1. I didn't know which category the User is choosing first. If he choose category 3, the same subMenuEntry from category 1 has to hide or if he choose category 1 first the subMenuEntry from category 3 has to hide by the script.

Finally i have 8 categories and about 20 subMenuEntries. If all categories have been checked the 20 subMenuEntries should be displayed, the duplicate entries have to be removed by the script.

At this point i have no idea how to realize the script.

thank you for any help!!