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Nov 11th, 2006, 10:44 AM

Some of you may remember this site but i'v encountered another problem.


As you can see, it looks 'neat' :D in FF but it's totally ###### up in IE. And I haven't got a clue of what causes it. So I wonder if someone here does of course.

Thx, DeathZan.

Nov 11th, 2006, 04:00 PM
Looks great in both browsers for me!

Nov 11th, 2006, 04:19 PM
I'v already noticed it doesn't make a difference for some people but on computers where it does everything is mixed up in IE.

Nov 11th, 2006, 05:37 PM
Let me state the obvious...IE sucks...

Now...I think you should have done some HTML validations. When I ran the w3c validator...the result was Failed validation, 19 errors

Personally, I usually get things looking right...just after conforming to the W3C standards. It is never perfect... but you get close to your goals nonetheless.

Here is the link to the validator.

good luck

Nov 11th, 2006, 06:53 PM
.... It's the first time I use a bit of PHP in a webpage and the validator gives all these error because I'v lots of links of this type:

<a href="index.php?page=leeuwkes&top=leeuwkestop">

Then it says "Error Line 63 column 34: general entity "top" not defined and no default entity."

But I'v read in some tutorials this way of linking is fine so.... What's wrong to the validator?

Nov 12th, 2006, 01:00 AM
I am not going to discredit some of the tutorials that you have been reading in any way or any form.

However, what you need at the of the day is valid HTML or XHTML. You can not simply expect web browsers to display data the you thought it should...without producing compliant html.

At the end of the day....it all comes down to what standards you want to comply to. if you are not interested in complying to well formed standards such as that of W3C...then do not expect to see similar results across all web browsers. (I am not talking about why different vendors do not adhere to well established standards...that is another subject all together).

Anyway...as programmers and designers...it is our job to make websites, programs, applications...whatever it is that we build as accessible as possible to all people....specially those with disability. if you are not welling to comply with W3C standards...it can only mean that you discounting those with disabilities from accessing the products you produce....beside the point of making a website look the same across all browsers.

in any case...it is something you have to decide...I just hope that you would choose to comply to w3c standards so that you website(s) are accessible to all users...

Also...the validator checks whether your website has complied to a given set of rules. The problem with HTML is that you can write a page without complying to a standard...and the page would still be interpreted more or less by the browser without any complaints.

What I am trying to say here is very simple. That is, anyone can write a HTML page...in fact, you don't need to know HTML at all to write HTML...This in part is due to the fact that there is a lot of What You See is What you Get software applications and the fact that very few of them comply to W3C standards.

Anyway...in few words...you should ALWAYS aim to comply with w3c standards. if your website does not comply...then it is not well structured and will only reflect badly on you....and the owners of the website. In actual fact...if you look at most well designed websites these days...most of them will have links ready for people to validate their work...and demonstrate that they have met w3c standards.

Basically...you should see this as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills...and show that you are able to create well designed websites that meet well established standards.

good luck.

Nov 12th, 2006, 01:40 AM
It's difficult for me to test but the first place I'd look is the float:left in #inhoudbox. From limited testing I've found float does weird things in different browers so I try not to use it.


Nov 12th, 2006, 01:48 AM
The entity error means encode &'s...

<a href="index.php?page=leeuwkes&amp;top=leeuwkestop">