View Full Version : Comments/Suggestions on a Merchant site

Jonathan Dewey
11-10-2006, 01:27 PM
Hey guys,

We've just been handed the job of doing a site appraisal/audit and possible redesign for one of our new clients mosaicholidays.co.uk (http://www.mosaicholidays.co.uk)

The Merchant site is a travel site catering for ppl wanting to take upmarket holidays. The regions they cover are primarily Egypt, Maldives, North Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Oman,Mauritius,Seychelles.

We know what we think but would love a freshpair of eyes on it for us. So if you fancy giving us your eyeballs and thoughts on it - we'd much appreciate it Good and bad - it's all good!

Cheers all

11-12-2006, 03:12 AM
I think it would look better if you used <ul> instead of <ol> in your left hand navigation. Having your links on a navigation numbered sticks out more on the numbers then the content it's self.
Also your top bar navigation links arent working currently, but I'm sure your working on those pages and you'll link them later.

There's a little too much space in the middle of the red section, and below that too. It spreads it out a little too much, and it's inconvenient. I'd make that section a little more smooth, and maybe work around with your style to find something that doesn't stick out too much. It's getting to much in the way of your main part of the page.

Other then that, it looks very professional and well done. Most likely the header and as you get to the bottom of the page is nicely laid out and professionally attractive. It's calm to the eye, other then the big red section.

Well done!