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  1. Selecting from two tables
  2. Counting MySQL Tables
  3. Setting up local server mysql workbench
  4. Order By
  5. The diference between tinyint(4) and tinyint(3)?
  6. SQL single quotes..... AHHHHHHH!
  7. Store weekly/monthly/alltime data
  8. ERD for the NFL
  9. Random function limited to the first 10 ID's of db, must take 10 random from entireDB
  10. Search script *n00b*
  11. Sorting a SUM
  12. no element found - SQL statement looks good though
  13. mySQL query for every 4 week block in a calendar week?
  14. How to properly index this LEFT JOIN?
  15. How we can represent ENUMs and SETs internally?
  16. How should I do a multiple update ?
  17. Best way to query this?
  18. How to create view from multiple tables
  19. If duplicate exists, I want to read all entries for that ID
  20. Optimizing MySQL query
  21. Resolved Most active query
  22. Do math operation only once
  23. how to make automatic backup of MySQL databases
  24. data storage online and off
  25. Can MySQL work for both desktop GUI and web app together?
  26. How to get autocomplete data from MYSQL based on field searched
  27. percent help on sqlzoo
  28. permissions
  29. Question about "isset"
  30. Which of these table set ups would make for faster queries?
  31. MYSQL LIKE and more than one beginning letter
  32. Creating Dynamic amount of tables in MySQL
  33. Need help with query
  34. My SQL injection
  35. In need of help understanding how to correctly connect and use MySQLi
  36. How to select a specific cell?
  37. mysqli: how do i get a list of fields
  38. How do I change from mysql to mysqli ?
  39. mysql_result to mysqli ?
  40. problem when copying fom "MS Word" to database
  41. Trying to create a hyperlink
  42. MySQL don't start even manually
  43. Are you sure you want to delete? Not working
  44. Ordering union
  45. Finding rows younger than certain date?
  46. mysql query solution to this problem?
  47. .PHP MySQL Query to HTML
  48. working with GROUP_CONCAT error
  49. SQL error
  50. In boolean mode
  51. Tagging system set up - which is better between these two?
  52. Intermittent Error Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication
  53. count inserted records for a specific day of the week
  54. Compare two very large tables
  55. mysql error created by if statement
  56. mysqli - unable to use all results, even though the count shows 48 of them
  57. Need help with join
  58. Resolved table collation
  59. Querying two tables help?
  60. Upload Audio File and associate it with user
  61. count question
  62. result question on id that does not exist
  63. Get movie info and genres with 1 query
  64. Sort Order for varying length string.
  65. Stuck in database development
  66. Delete Duplicates
  67. Help with Multiple Joins
  68. Resolved locking a row
  69. Multi word search?
  70. COUNT() twice in one query showing weird results
  71. Duplicate entry avoidance on INSERT
  72. Counting number of rows
  73. difference between 'is null' and '= null'
  74. Website PHP & MySQL, please help
  75. pulling a timestamp from table
  76. Converting a MS-SQL Database to .CSV
  77. trigger problem
  78. Shortening my query?
  79. Stored functions
  80. sum(number)
  81. Unique index across multiple fields
  82. Binary search & sorting algorithms?
  83. What do I do with this structure file in PHPMyAdmin?
  85. query help
  86. PHPMyAdmin Large File Upload Issue
  87. More Efficient Query Needed
  88. Need Help With A Table Join
  89. Indexes stopped working
  90. database connection with mysqli
  91. Daft question.. feel stupid asking it ;)
  92. pagination
  93. Best way to communicate with a database?
  94. SQL query taking too long to execute
  95. mysql workbench
  96. mysql tables adding onto
  97. Insert Error - Foreign key
  98. Inserting Checklist Form Data into mySQL Database
  99. Column Titles
  100. Multi-column indexing?
  101. Blocking SQL Injection using masterfiles
  102. UPDATE query does not work in php but with work in phpmyadmin
  103. Advanced ORDER BY question involving grouping
  104. malicious programmers
  105. normalized table query
  106. Multi table, partial field match query
  107. Database design for Old Pedant Fou-Lu n others
  108. adding consecutive numbers to column
  109. phpmyadmin, Where do I see any orders in database.
  110. Updating Mysql through Check Boxes
  111. Resolved Case null
  112. Need help on using LIKE
  113. Help combining data from 2 tables... I keep failing!
  114. Merge 2 Tables from different databases under the same user
  115. Joining 2 tables
  116. Partial Match Search Query
  117. Group by troubles
  118. Running a DB filter query before the main query
  119. IPN to mysql database help
  120. What's wrong with this php statement?
  121. force column size
  122. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect()
  123. Some help with indexing please?
  124. ambiguous col
  125. re-write sql to reverse
  126. MySQL: Value does not increment
  127. Calculation of Miles per gallon - HELP!!
  128. Stored procedures (inout)
  129. myqsl database download of data to website page
  130. Resolved Role of variables in a stored procedure?
  131. PK over three columns, or new column for PK?
  132. Pick x number of rows from mysql table and display with php
  133. 2 tables for 1 login form
  134. stored proc error handlingh
  135. how to retreive real column name in PDO
  136. xampp mysql table name not case sensitve table names
  137. MySQL password - uploading to live site
  138. Mobile app accessing 1&1 MySQL db
  139. How to get last id?
  140. Edit form not working
  141. Joins between 3 tables
  142. secure dump of data ?
  143. Resolved string help - I can't see something
  144. adding multiple checkbox values from recordset to two different tables
  145. Capitalize all values in column
  146. SQL Duplicating Field Issue
  147. Question on re-installing a SQL Database pls
  148. regex
  149. Count() not properly returning count of row
  150. mysql_query() expects paramater 2 to be resource, string given
  151. Database Problems
  152. Urgent Help Required - MySql Database and Wordpress - Not working after restore
  153. Create ERD in phpMyAdmin?
  154. Query Optimisation
  155. Why did they deprecate MySQL and write a whole new language
  156. array names as database column names
  157. DELETE statement help
  158. #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  159. Where can i host my files locally so i can edit them?
  160. $cfg['UploadDir'] string explanation?
  161. Simple insert query taking 1-5 second(s)
  162. Equations in ORDER BY statements
  163. Multi Variables Returned From Stored Procedure
  164. Search based on multiple fields
  165. Password protecting added profiles via mySQL
  166. Do I need all the queries?
  167. Two Table SELECT, Unique Arrays Keys
  168. mysql SELECT with IF statement
  169. Data from db to webpage using php
  170. Joining 3 tables
  171. Combine 3 queries in to 1
  172. Make Blank Text Input Box display nothing & not error message?
  173. Store an image location in mysql db for it to appear in dynamic table.
  174. mysql indexes
  175. MySQL Like Query
  176. Combine Tables Information
  177. Get username with id out other table
  178. dynamically create recurring dates
  179. mysql & php help! error!
  180. empty set? and SELECT returns something weird?
  181. How to get data from email attachment into MySQL?
  182. one result by two tables
  183. Logical vs Natural Keys
  184. Need help with Many-to-Many-to-Many
  185. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  186. Using DIFFERENCE in a query
  187. Merge a query into one?
  188. if ($res->fetch_assoc()->field != "text") { ?
  189. join, group by and having means?
  190. Is a Sort Column okay?
  191. Specific Date Ranges
  192. Query Creating Duplicate Data
  193. What does it take to build a cloud-based SaaS Web app?
  194. Select Employee with no attendance
  195. Should I use a view or multiple queries?
  196. Am I going crazy or is there something else wrong?
  197. help with php plugin for joomla component. . .
  198. How to Copy & Insert Records?
  199. Nested mysql, inner join already used
  200. Database Normalization User Interface By Username?
  201. Select rows by a dynamic row number
  202. Does Join Order Matter?
  203. In one table but NOT in the other ?
  204. Prepared statements and instantiation
  205. Pulling data from an executed query in php?
  206. MySQL in PHP - POST w/Radio Buttons
  207. Display Random Non repeatable Array
  208. num_rows not working
  209. ORDER BY in Union
  210. Indexes with Same Name
  211. Question about Nullable Fields
  212. Resolved Stuck defining variable in existing code
  213. help build a dynamic parent-child-subchild menu in php
  214. Category dropdown menu
  215. Sorting Date Fields by Month in DB Query
  216. Mysql_result in Mysqli
  217. Selecting Rows That Span 360 Degrees
  218. How can I import a database using SSH command?
  219. mysql search query
  220. oracle join syntax (old vs new)
  221. Update MySql via JSON
  222. Efficient way to store text with only 0s and 1s
  223. can php LIMIT function work like this
  224. using php Limit function to fing last record
  225. can you use the LIMIT function like this in php
  226. resolving this error
  227. How to handle this sutiation
  228. Need Help on SQL query script
  229. Resolved search not like MySql not working ??
  230. How to index this left join?
  231. Resolved Help with filter script
  232. SQL Joins (3 Tables)
  233. Help with filtering results
  234. SELECT / UPDATE table using $variable
  235. search to update several rows
  236. mysqli_free_result ... why?
  237. Ordering table by count of
  238. Issue using MAX() function
  239. Do I delete MySQL Tables with fresh WordPress install?
  240. Script only creating one entry in the db table
  241. randomly seeded array
  242. query several tables, based on link table
  243. Q and A page
  244. Using mysql limit functon to locate first record
  245. Use mysql limit function in php to find last record
  246. How to add number of records of another table
  247. What is database
  248. My mysql can't select database. Help!
  249. php adjacent record insert to another table
  250. query pulls more than it should