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  1. test speed
  2. help me regarding update
  3. Caculation not displaying the correct answer I want
  4. Line breaking in MySQL
  5. how to update the record with batch in phpmyadmin
  6. Table Structure Help, Please
  7. mysql store calculation
  8. Radio Button trying to reference DB field (NEED HELP)
  9. many-to-many/organization question
  10. visit URL.. select text.. insert into database?
  11. MySQL security
  12. Line failing to break
  13. SQL syntax error help
  14. Passing a $POST variable to an associative array from an SQL query
  15. Moving rows in a table
  16. I have a INSERT problem please help
  17. Resolved Session destroying.
  18. Mysql rlike
  19. Login Error
  20. ORDER BY the last number of characters
  21. SQL SELECT ing for WHERE only DATE meets in DATETIME field
  22. Counting Entries - Help Needed :)
  23. Help with availability sql query
  24. Using PHP's mysql_real_escape_string() with MySQL's DELETE
  25. in () versus or...
  26. exclusion from normalized table query
  27. Moving a field up
  28. Comparing dates in MySQL
  29. Change syntax from Update Case Statement to Update Union Statement
  30. Distinct & Limit Not Working
  31. Mysql select rows that hasnt been selected
  32. Database Structure Help!
  33. Users updating their details (PHP form/script, MySQL database)
  34. stored proc inside sql ?
  35. Mysql query returns ID that I'd like to hide?
  36. Matching Two Different Columns With Two Records
  37. sql query for getting limited characters from record which is store in perticular col
  38. mysql interfacing with website Math
  39. Database Restore
  40. Multiple row update
  41. Resolved insert after delete not working
  42. Increase non primary field
  43. Table Relationships and Left Outer joins
  44. Multiple Left Joins Causing Problems
  45. Writing to database (beginner)
  46. Indexing advice needed
  47. Update Now Or Later? (Design Question)
  48. Query Returning Wrong Results
  49. get the datetime range of rows from one column
  50. query Question
  51. fulltext settings
  52. Recurring Error: "mysql_Query() Expects Parameter 2 To Be Resource"
  53. #1062 - Duplicate entry '23933-27243-0' for key 'membersid'
  54. Insert Statement not working correctly
  55. Date field greater than or equal to today
  56. Mysql querie help for a beginner
  57. Adding into an existing row
  58. Complete Reorganization of Column/Row data
  59. searching
  60. Problem in calculating time difference from one column with datatype datetime
  61. Need query to part change data in each row.
  62. Creating a list with MySQL database
  63. Unique Random Number and Autoincrement refreshing.
  64. Migrating your live database
  65. Editing ft_min_word_length
  66. Getting username out of a database to put in another
  67. group by / order by/ filesort / temporary
  68. adding time in a column.
  69. Code working but database keeps blank space
  70. stuck in query..
  71. Resolved Need help with UPDATE query
  72. Voting system one vote each person each day
  73. Checking and saving IP in database
  74. Resolved php auto increment doesn't work when showing rows
  75. MYQSL UPDATE not working
  76. SQL Giving where clause dominance?
  77. Entire database shows up with search
  78. Problem with using SELECT
  79. MySql less than in php not working
  80. Difficult Join
  81. loading conntent from mySQL
  82. Storing client connection strings
  83. Resolved SELECT based on multiple values
  84. query help
  85. Can't select correct records, Need advice achieving desired query results
  86. Passing parameters to sql script (on Windows)
  87. query for item on 2 paramaters
  88. Saving values from form into Database
  89. How to search MySQL database from PHP?
  90. Question about my uptime check method
  91. sql query help
  92. SQL Parameter 1 Resource Problems
  93. Help with PHP/MySQL query
  94. Help with PHP/MySQL query
  95. use / foce index
  96. Need help with mysql 'IN' statement...
  97. select statement help
  98. upgrading from 4.1.8
  99. Putting a calculated variable into a row
  100. Select Statement only the first row data was get
  101. Insert data into one table where data came from multiple tables.
  102. What is that I don't see
  103. Cannot figure out how to fix query. Repeats results!
  104. Problem encountered in select statement from two databases
  105. join syntax for table.column
  106. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  107. Struggling with MYSQL syntax
  108. MySQL Data to form
  109. mysql command line -- where?
  110. Using _GET function to grab SQL query string
  111. How to loop through returned rows?
  112. Makes no sense: Text columns & Table size
  113. preventing SQL injection
  114. combining delete query
  115. Resolved Relational database foreign key
  116. Converting a link into a form input
  117. same db table for different deal types
  118. php mysqli->close()
  119. innoDB or myISAM? (updates per second)
  120. Mysql Query Optimize
  121. update does not work
  122. please help me with writing event in mysql
  123. problem in getting the max date and min date
  124. updating database
  125. update statement and display error
  126. French apostrophe problem
  127. Apply different maths depending on string contents
  128. alternatives to RAND() ?
  129. Problem in WHERE Clause from SELECT Statement
  130. getting table column data in array problem
  131. Updating an array
  132. MySQL Query in PHP
  133. select statement help
  134. How to insert a lot of values(in wrong form) in database
  135. Question about MySQL injection protection
  136. MySql database table has a field with XML data
  137. Database problem about to panic
  138. Hyperlinks within Longtext Fields
  139. easy replication management
  140. MySQL VarChar Primary Key upper case and lower case
  141. php mysql SELECT DISTINCT not returning most common entry
  142. Unknown column 'Dubz' in 'where clause'
  143. Can you watch a database in realtime
  144. query max and min with two situation, same and different date
  145. How to speed up my query?
  146. Query Formating
  147. Issue in Select Statement
  148. SQL Query Syntax
  149. Show Duplicate rows
  150. Change query to do math in php first
  151. Change background image using variable from mysql database
  152. database selection error
  153. Putting $date, $month and $year variable into one $dob field in a MySQL Database..
  154. Shows the amount of leads for each day--- help
  155. Need help in ON DUPLICATE KEY with Time Involve
  156. Adding an sql query to a wordpress permalink?
  157. HELP my database
  158. SQLQuery for Trailing Days
  159. Resolved Minimize the number of query?
  160. Problem with "packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' error"
  161. Get 0 rows if date is not in calendar
  162. Help with Inner Join
  163. Pros/Cons to storing images in database?
  164. Row doesn't update.
  165. Remote and local mysql editor
  166. Remove Duplicates From Query
  167. Mysql crashed site and keeps giving error 500 :(
  168. Could use advice/thoughts on bidirectional relationship
  169. How to modify one value in MySql?
  170. Resolved Statistics of Countries
  171. Don't input into database
  172. mysql query not doing what I think it should be doing.
  173. Adding a column to multiple tables at once
  174. Simple Banking database
  175. What program should I use to upload my database?
  176. How do I use postcount in WHERE ?
  177. force password change
  178. Problem in SELECT Statement
  179. Resolved registration script syntax eror
  180. Wondering how to query for the closest matching
  181. My query isn't working but it would in MSSQL
  182. Ideas on optimizing this query
  183. copy field content to another field in same table
  184. Help with login system turning crazy atm
  185. How do I filter a SQL result based on distance when I have the latitude and longitud
  186. Multiple Couunts & Grouping
  187. Problem in highlighting display data using SELECT Statement with css class
  188. Prepared Statement Object Not Working Properly?
  189. Check if variable exisist in db
  190. how to show 'all' duplicates in a single field
  191. could not run the query
  192. Query trouble
  193. Order primary query by secondary query?
  194. get to few rows in a left join query
  195. how to concat 2 columns in separate rows
  196. Voting Poll
  197. Change MySQL Query to Count All Rows
  198. error message: "#1062 - Duplicate entry '1' for key 1"
  199. Concurrency violation
  200. index and how many years in calendar table
  201. MySQL Callback Function?
  202. collum = " "
  203. DATEDIFF function
  204. Boolean search select statements
  205. Populate a dropdown with SQL Query
  206. phpMyadmin Questions
  207. Using the command line
  208. Date Column
  209. Help on how to retrieve phpmyadmin code
  211. multiple update where clause table
  212. MySQL: Forum teaser, how to get latest post date and author name?
  213. "Show more" button
  214. Very SLOW select. Any ideas on how to optimize it?
  215. phpMyAdmin - HUGE import
  216. query duplicates
  217. There has to be an easier way?
  218. mySQL Times
  219. Why is hyphen' preceded by a backslash?
  220. Query Question
  221. MYSQL query for combining data of two tables sharing Foreign key from a third table
  222. Allow Multiple Languages?
  223. Need help figuring out why I can't connect to MySQL
  224. How do I link to a table from an XML list of id's?
  225. Resolved I need advice on a query structure
  226. foreign key corrupt
  227. Help with strange permalinks fault
  228. Cannot find MySQL header files under yes
  229. Results Based On Dynamic Dropdown
  230. Need Help to write SQL query
  231. Resolved solved - delete
  232. Help with Oracle SQL*Plus Query assignment
  233. Basic database stuff
  234. How to make inserted row values mandatory for a column?
  235. Having problems with mysql deteting from database using php form
  236. Resolved How to display NEW info from database table?
  237. MySQL table and column Naming Conventions
  238. User permission..
  239. Left join query
  240. Select data between values.
  241. Perform complex calculations entirely within MySQL
  242. phpmyadmin error #1045 help
  243. I need a mySQL expert very badly.
  244. viewing offline?
  245. Invalid column count in CSV input
  246. adding a verification code to my register page
  247. Resolved Strange error about a FUNCTION that does not exists.
  248. Only where a record exists
  249. Query timestamp
  250. Combining Queries