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  1. Resolved group_concat, count
  2. Best way to store date in database
  3. Query to get averages, minimums etc. from 2 tables
  4. search from 2 tables based on 1 column
  5. Joining data from 2 tables - what am I doing wrong?
  6. Error 1054
  7. Adding a column name prefix on SELECT
  8. Delete Records from one than one DB table using flat file
  9. Database query 4 failed:
  10. Reorder columns in MySQL table...?
  11. SELECT AS plus WHERE doesn't work
  12. Deleting a Wordpress Database
  13. Subtract as default value
  14. Resolved You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual ...
  15. Using UNION
  16. Updating blank rows with data located in same table and ID
  17. Problem in using IN command
  18. Remote connection to mysql
  19. Left Joint and Count(*)
  20. Join multiple tables, then join some more...
  21. Beginner needs Help...please?
  22. Put table names into drop-down menu
  23. get image size when transfering MySQL to MySQL
  24. Value Counts as Columns
  25. Querying data with the "where" statement
  26. need help with select query (begginer)
  27. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
  28. Attempting to Create a Comment Feed on Site?
  29. Get SUM from COUNT?!?!
  30. Just does nothing
  31. Can you Run PHP in MySQL?
  32. Resolved SQL - binding table values and compare results
  33. Reset auto increment when value reaches certain number
  34. how to remove slashes ready for outputting to pages, addslashes()
  35. mysql time - now()
  36. Condensing this query for faster processing by MySQL
  37. SELECT ALL entries, but not the last 10 recent entries.
  38. store correct time using gmdate() even when daylight saying is in place in the UK
  39. PHP and MySQL: echo all entries using SHOW COLUMNS
  40. DELETE ALL entries, but not the last 10 recent entries.
  41. Error joining 3 tables
  42. Counting rows based on a field's value
  43. Resolved help combine two queries
  44. get rankings for 100 records
  45. SubSelect minimum year per person
  46. mysql birthday date query
  47. MySql Update
  48. trying to use this query - not working
  49. Left Join query not working in mysql 5.1
  50. Create auto numbered column in mysql query
  51. Advanced FULLTEXT searching
  52. mysql/php script not working?
  53. How do I select using GROUP BY, ORDER BY. based on the date_time which is groupe
  54. Resolved Custom ordering entries
  55. Performance question
  56. Resolved Search Database - Multiple 'OR' statements
  57. how to write the query ?
  58. Need to go 'sideways' with a form... noob
  59. weight system
  60. Help SQL query (find names with a average below...)
  61. Flash to MySQL : Can't figure it out.
  62. sort by random AND by rating?
  63. Search Within Two tables
  64. mysql error help please i'm stumped.
  65. mysql not pulling data with non-letters
  66. Resolved trying to use query to delete
  67. Resolved how to divide
  68. Creating a poll using MySQL & PHP
  69. Echoed DB entries hyperlinked
  70. Help Needed On SQL query
  71. ACT extract
  72. Insert Image Into Mysql Database / path of Image
  73. Faster Method of Query???
  74. setting up a database table question
  75. MySQL IF statement
  76. Passing unique values only to a shopping cart
  77. Resolved group_concat, group_concat
  78. MySQL Error?
  79. storing javascript code in database
  80. "'Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
  81. accessing MySQL using .cgi file
  82. Need you help guys
  83. Split string and use value as foreign key
  84. I'm not sure how to do this...
  85. Database table with multiple rows
  86. PHP install file to import sql file with php script
  87. maximum of values in an insert statement
  88. "Last modified" specific to a user
  89. many to many not avoidable ?
  90. is there a quick way to check if a record exists in a db
  91. Finding equal values in a table?
  92. Help with join for books and missing books
  93. php mysql show image from path in database
  94. Character set of tables displays wrong in php
  95. How to make a registration form?
  96. Please. Help with Join
  97. Resolved mysql distinct help please.
  98. toad vs mysql workbench?
  99. Rhyme / Word List Retriever
  100. stored proc / into keyword
  101. Geographic Search with Longitude Latitude
  102. stored proc null comparison
  103. date table, find missing dates
  104. php mysql update problem
  105. MySQL and storing binary data
  106. Toggling a row's field to 1 or 0
  107. my site is getting hacked and cant fixed it can anybody help me
  108. MySQL update has broken a lot of things
  109. How to store binary data in mysql
  110. include first previous existing date
  111. general opinion on tables structure
  112. Often corrupted tables
  113. Applying a math algorithm to "re-order" items in a database, and display on website??
  114. Signup Question
  115. Date Issues
  116. Export data/query to csv?
  117. Order BY something that isn't in the database?
  118. Naming a column after the value from another column
  119. COUNT usage in PHP
  120. Resolved Twin InnerJoin Plus Where Clause?
  121. Join two tables
  122. Help with Selecting records between two date range
  123. error querying database
  124. removing duplicates from the results of a double query
  125. Help with Category Count
  126. wanted help in redesign table structure
  127. Resolved master - detail logical problem
  128. simultaneous posts to database
  129. db->csv or xml files.
  130. syntax error
  131. Alphabetizing mySQL records
  132. Best method for storing time?
  133. Data Base Structure Question
  134. mysql distinct help please
  135. Error, changed password?
  136. adding an auto-numbered column to the "results" table
  137. Effeciency Question
  138. Settings table.
  139. Sorting by 3 fields
  140. MySQL and PHP code help for a membership site. Thank You
  141. will this work with (php) query || or ?
  142. similarity - repetition of data
  143. Including a deleted column?
  144. Deleting records
  145. database sleep/processes
  146. How Do I fix Error No. 1064 occured:You have an error in your SQL syntax;:
  147. CREATE INDEX for order by rand() query
  148. Assignments Table
  149. Resolved SQL Search?
  150. how to import text only CSV into MySQL
  151. Illegal mix of collations?
  152. MySQL checkbox data display problem in ZenCart
  153. Learn PHP with a project - Favorite System
  154. basic mysql query question
  155. MySql Query Using SET and IN Clauses with an Array
  156. Problem with foreign key and referential integrity
  157. Inserting Data from comma separated text field values
  158. Moving 689 mb of mysql to another server
  159. Starting out designing a database
  160. Storing information in Sessions
  161. foreign key and index?
  162. MYSQL grouping and ordering by field question
  163. select a fictional column
  164. combining 2 resultsets
  165. How to set up tables for threaded comments?
  166. Clickable link that runs query sometimes getting run twice due to page reload?
  167. valid MySQL result resource Error, Need Help
  168. Where?
  169. Help needed with joins.
  170. Help with date
  171. Categories and Subcategories
  172. how to get rows??
  173. group_concat inside where ?
  174. Getting "invalid syntax", please help
  175. Insert Or Update in mysql query and return row id + action
  176. Trouble with a table join
  177. meta table...
  178. php variable, who is logged in, ty
  179. splitting string with multiple delimiters
  180. Calling rows where column = FILE LIST
  181. how to view structure of a database/ table in mysqladmin?
  182. Procedures and functions
  183. combining tables and columns
  184. i have create three user and database for each premission i have to give thn
  185. querying normalized database
  186. Fastest way to do multiple inserts
  187. Organizational Question
  188. Insert only if no duplicates
  189. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  190. Subtracting the MIN from multiple results
  191. No database selected :S
  192. how to fetch a table in stored procedure
  193. Retrieve 5 rows from a specific position in table
  194. joining a members and officers table
  195. fetch from table
  196. Looking for a query to copy data from one table to another
  197. Order by a new variable.
  198. Linking tables to look for records that aren't there
  199. Number of brands according to first letter of the brand?
  200. Select all galleries and the appropriate image
  201. how to get value from combobox into textbox
  202. truncate through limited table entries.
  203. User and group managing
  204. SELECT WHERE x LIKE row1+row2
  205. Beginner Question
  206. Resolved Removing one word from a column
  207. SQL string - is this correct?
  208. Unique ID's from query
  209. What performance configuration for mass INSERTS
  210. using mysql and php to track user ids for who voted
  211. Resolved Subquery doesn't work. Good alternate solution?
  212. One MySQL query per page - instead of 100!
  213. mysql get question
  214. Resolved Appending http:// to multiple columns
  215. MySQL 'type' question
  216. MySQL --skip-name-resolve
  217. Optimizing Database Update
  218. update query not working with curdate()
  219. mysql_fetch_array trouble please help!
  220. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/d/j/h/djh102/html/pub
  221. User folder access
  222. Query another table withing FOR loop of a table.
  223. Big defference in Update Speed on different systems
  224. MYSQL error
  225. copying table data into other tables
  226. Modified preorder tree traversal Hirearchies
  227. Multiple authors for one article
  228. Selecting parents with nested children for a category - sub category relationship?
  229. need help in update query
  230. Need help deciding best method
  231. Resolved Setting data to '1' not as instructed
  232. to which point join still make sense?
  233. How to change the date format?
  234. Date structure fields in mySQL - which format?
  235. make database and refresh it after click
  236. Using if and or?!?
  237. JOIN or not to JOIN
  238. I think this is a simple JOIN but I cant solve it
  239. Help with Search function PHP and MySql to work with queries like 123ABC
  240. regex or something
  241. Resolved MySQL JOIN Problems
  242. Procedure privilege error?
  243. Join/Union....?
  244. what king of table structure is this
  245. Problem with while loop/group by
  246. deleting childless records
  247. Need a help in this issue
  248. Resolved Connecting To MySQL Server Through Java Program Secure?
  249. Another group-thread-reply question
  250. MySQL capacity?