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  1. PHP Web Tool development with Ajax frontend
  2. Coldfusion Designer / Expert Multimedia Needed Part - Time and Eventually Full Time
  3. 210 Language Pair Perfect Real-time Online Translation Project
  4. Rules for posting a Project - (MUST READ!)
  5. Cold Fusion Site
  6. site making using javascript
  7. searching for a ninja php/mysql programmer
  8. Searching for a Maverick Flash/Actionscript designer
  9. Coding Assignment
  10. WordPress Expert Required
  11. US Based PHP Programmer For Network Classified Site
  12. Sell me your Text Based Mmorpg game
  13. Clone Classifieds site
  14. jQuery ninja needed
  15. Game Coder Needed for startup website
  16. Wordpress (Music Playlist) Plugin
  17. B/S/T for a Forum {mySQL, PHP, Ajax, JS, Flash}
  18. Freelance coder wanted - I pay good.
  19. Exciting web2.0 e-commerce/e-auction project needs your attention
  20. RFP for development & design of New Website
  21. Webcamchat
  22. Need Coder for "MUD" Text Based Game
  23. Coldfusion Site Move
  24. add anchored AJAX url functionality
  25. Gaiaonline Profiles
  26. Web Coder and System Designer req.
  27. Modification to a video-sharing web site
  28. We need a website developer and designer
  29. Website Design - Blue Elephant Jewelers
  30. email server running atmail + pgp -job on going
  31. Senior Developer/Designer for OSCommerce Projects
  32. Looking for a PERL Developer (Long Term Project)
  33. Re making of Rsspberry.com (RSS feed catcher/news site)
  34. Looking for someone who can build me a good blogging site or vbulletin
  35. Programmer needed
  36. Need Php, Ajax Coder from Chicagoland for Next Big Web Application
  37. PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/etc Developer Required for Gaming-Related Service Startup
  38. need a PHP expert with very good understanding of mySQL, AJAX, Java
  39. Paying $500 for a site player
  40. Looking for quality web/ graphic designers, developers and programmers
  41. PHP Coder Wanted!
  42. Web Form Data Merge To Printable PDF
  43. I seek a php/mysql ajax PRO IT person
  44. Making a game
  45. Looking for a PHP Programmer with experience developing Facebook apps
  46. Gaming Ladder site.
  47. programmer needed for Istockphoto-type concept
  48. Emerald Island Resort
  49. JSP Developer needed on part time basis
  50. Great Idea for Social Network, But No One to Make It
  51. Start-up company needs a custom web site
  52. Custom Clan CMS (Content managment system)
  53. Implementation needed
  54. flash video player coder needed
  55. MASTER PHP Developer Needed
  56. Bottom-up social imaging site seeks reliable coder for it all
  57. Modify an open source Java script
  58. Skilled dev Mysql for Reservation system
  59. Large Videogame Website Project
  60. Poker Staking Site
  61. Any Game Coders or Game Programmers Who Can Code Multiplayer For Existing Game?
  62. Need PHP and ASPX Coder
  63. Need a quote on getting a custom social network built
  64. Browser based game for new home?
  65. need a web developer n designer
  66. Window opener/sorter
  67. Need a long term coder good pay!!
  68. State Spending Online Calculator project
  69. US$1000... HTML/CSS/PHP/mySQL... Clean up / Re-write coding..
  70. Perl Catalyst MVC Programmer Needed; Database ORM provided.
  71. Joomla experts, please help me with these problems,?
  72. Resolved Quoting-Automation program needed (>$1k)
  73. Need a quote for Vbulletin 4 site
  74. Upgrade of existing site: HTML/CSS/PHP/mySQL,... -$1000+
  75. Mobster game needs updated functions, layout
  76. Magento Developer
  77. vbulletin work
  78. Incentive Review Site
  79. Website in Javascript
  80. ***School Orientated Websited Needed***
  81. Looking for Flash Game developer (Facebook + PHP + Flash)
  82. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tool
  83. Social network
  84. Social Network Coder (Gaming Network)
  85. Gaming League Website based on webSPELL
  86. Online Gaming Ladder Website
  87. Long-term coder needed
  88. Develop 1clicksearchengine.com
  89. Wordpress Designing and Coding
  90. in need of a programmer
  91. Website admin for multiple Magento stores
  92. Need to Finish Website
  93. Digital Media Start-Up Job Opportunities
  94. A Photo Community Type Site PHP Developer Needed!
  95. Looking for talented Flash/Actionscript coder to join browser based RPG project!
  96. On-going fine tuning & maintenance of travel site
  97. Startup looking for an experienced and talented coder
  98. Updated: Flash Coder Needed
  99. Looking for a coder to build a reddit/Digg-like site
  100. Repair/ Rectify/ Recode Current Site
  101. Content sharing + pixel advertising site
  102. Complete website needed
  103. Configuration and Customization of Social Network Site Softwares
  104. Looking to hire a professional coder...
  105. Need an experienced coder
  106. Looking for a Team of coders!
  107. Screen capturing / Video recording Device [$2500 USD]
  108. Need complex shipping website
  109. I need a gaming tournament website built.
  110. Gaming Software [2,500$]
  111. new information news site social networking site $2000
  112. web project for expert
  113. HIRING DB EXPERT in LAS VEGAS For Web app
  114. Need a ad server similar to a pay per click basis
  115. Need Experienced WEB Programmer for Big Project ASAP
  116. Need Professional Design
  117. Looking for professional coder to develop both front/back end of new startup
  118. Java Digichat v4.0 Patch Modifications Part One:
  119. Matrimonial Portal
  120. Need Java Developer to Develop a Answers and Pools Website
  121. Paid downloads system w/ video preview
  122. Experienced PHP/JS Dev needed for Product Customization & Payment Scripts
  123. VCS Social Network Recoding
  124. Looking for Coder!
  125. Need Developer for Facebook App
  126. PHP / MySql developer needed
  127. Social Network - UPDATED
  128. Seeking Coder/Developer
  129. CSS Coder Required for Social Network
  130. Seeking Coder/Developer for SIM Game!
  131. Need a Team of Web Developers
  132. Coders!!! Programmers!!! Web application development!!
  133. Company looking for web app developer!!
  134. Social Network Development- Images for reference included
  135. Website Design
  136. my forum needs the works
  137. game tournament website
  138. Ipad App Developer NEEDED
  139. Social Game Development
  140. Tournament organizer website.
  141. Looking for Dev
  142. Talent Calculator
  143. Looking for helpers
  144. Need a web developer/web designer (upgrade we)
  145. anyone with experience doing custom review sites?
  146. Web development companies.
  147. web base campaign business partner
  148. (Q/A)based gaming website (design)/(code)
  149. Experienced PHP/Coding Veterans Needed. $10,000 Project Reward.
  150. For Hire: NCSoft Launcher Clone maker
  151. Need a coder for tournament website
  152. Lookinf gor PHP/Perl developer for FFMPEG convesrion script
  153. Need coder to manage website development
  154. Looking for Large Projects
  155. Hello. Need Gaming tournament Website made.
  156. Looking for an experienced web developer, big project
  157. Paying to get a script done.
  158. Need a site similar to www.mybuilder.com
  159. Dating Website Needed ASAP
  160. Fantasy League Scoring Service built on SMF
  161. Social networking – What’s missing?
  162. WTB carrier script..
  163. Stock Picks Report Ecommerce site
  164. Need help coding website
  165. Test Server Issues
  166. $5,000 Redesign Work
  167. Clan Web Site
  168. web app and webite
  169. Online Retail Website
  170. Members-only admin panel redesign
  171. Project Available - PHP/MySql: Complete Re-Build of Existing Large-Scale Reviews Site
  172. mybucketlistauctions.com
  173. $1,500 project on Java/.Net and AJAX
  174. Need extensive work done on SMF forum [LARGE]
  175. Need Freelance Web Developer
  176. Text-Based RPG.
  177. Web Programmer
  178. Need A Developer To Build A Prototype/Willing To Pay/Simulation/Flash/RPG
  179. Website Project
  180. SQL driven site needed
  181. Whats the cost of a complex website like Jetblue.com?
  182. BIG Social Network Project
  183. Need an programmer ( 25$ per hour )
  184. Need Ruby/ASP.NET technology partner - long term!
  185. Entire website / estimated costs
  186. Clone of StrongVPN.com , Overplay.net. ETC.
  187. Looking for freelancer to build my project
  188. Looking for back end developer with an interest.
  189. Thrive: A Game of Evolution
  190. Experienced PHP Coder required
  191. Advice - best way to use web scrapping for web project
  192. Looking for a highly skilled programmer
  193. Iphone app developer needed for project
  194. New Website For Java Script Game
  195. Looking for partnet for a large project
  196. Looking for an experienced web application programmer!
  197. Looking for web developers and designers for upcoming work!!!!
  198. Web Developer/Designer Needed. Multiple Projects
  199. Need an experienced Website developer for basic but well designed website.
  200. Looking for serious team for game
  201. Looking for volunteers
  202. Project starting up. Team needed. Pay included.
  203. Browser game (HTML5 & Web GL)
  204. Social Network for Chess
  205. A New Website
  206. delete this
  207. JavaScript Programmer
  208. Large PHP OOP project
  209. Need creat app like as appcahser.com
  210. Need Feedback for Webcrest.net ?
  211. Looking for a partner!
  212. Sports Simulation Game
  213. Torrent tracker setup for about these :
  214. Looking for a Coder to develop a relatively complex site from scratch
  215. Seeking partners for game company
  216. Setting up a new site
  217. JavaScript Programmer
  218. Looking to build a complexed website which will be big in future(READ)
  219. Web Design Dubai, Web Designing Company Dubai
  220. Maintenance, New Features and Design Integration - Custom PHP eCommerce Store
  221. looking for super smart coder javascript knowledge requires
  222. Team of programmers needed for huge project
  223. Any experts on html5 and responsive design
  224. Similar website project
  225. SEO/Social Media for Web Dev/Design Exchange
  226. opensource Synth
  227. Custom Marketplace auction sites like my-hammer/my-builder
  228. Custom Crowd-funding sites like Kick starter
  229. Auctions Application
  230. LAMP (PHP) Based Word/HTML to ePub Converter
  231. Flash Coder Needed!
  232. plagiarism detection software
  233. MMORPG Development
  234. Custom Marketplace auction sites like my-hammer/my-builder
  235. Web Developer
  236. Oil and Gas Town - Looking for a strong team of coders
  237. looking for a developer
  238. looking to hire!
  239. Freelance designer wanted
  240. Website/mobile app...taking bids for the job
  241. Need SEO Automation Software
  242. Interactive Map loads too slow (JavaScript)
  243. Need live chat application for my website
  244. Mobile Version Theme Required
  245. Project - Looking for NY or CT based Developer for Pay
  246. Broken Clothing in need of a Website
  247. Seeking Developer for Viral Project
  248. Seeking Passionate Web Developer
  249. Looking for third party live chat application
  250. StoneRage - Established VideoGame seeking WebCoder (Joomla)!