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  1. Simple OPEN FILE will not display
  2. Sending data between perl pages
  3. Can't install Mailman Free script on any server (not even apache)
  4. Coin Tossing CGI Program Help
  5. parsing filename/size
  6. Net::FTP or LWP question
  7. to use or not to use, a module?
  8. Thoughts on Session.pm
  9. Round Decimals
  10. converting numbers so they represent distance.
  11. incrementing
  12. Fun with random numbers
  13. Can it be done in CGI?
  14. Date & Working days
  15. Moving Data From Excel to Web Page
  16. open a file from a network drive
  17. Can't get past "rename" on this file
  18. Copying binary files
  19. Comparing total stock capacity available per day against stock sold each day.
  20. Creating reports using multiple MySQL tables
  21. Using Perl to control other programs
  22. Perl question
  23. Checking for empty string
  24. speedy_backend[xxxxx]: protocol error during build
  25. Syntax Errors...
  26. Read entire file or one at a time?
  27. URGENT HELP!!! Search
  28. How: call a script into another as a sub routine.
  29. Perl cuts off after <space>
  30. In Need of a Script
  31. Opening Web Page and Grabbing Text
  32. problem redirecting to file
  33. Sendmail sending multiple emails all on its own
  34. Substitution in words where first 'letter' becomes 'Letter'
  35. I'm having problems installing a perl program.
  36. New to CGI...
  37. Forcing download of file problems
  38. Bizmail cgi script
  39. How can I take data from the end of a File?
  40. downgrading to older version of a perl module
  41. File Declaration
  42. Help w/ Regular Expressions
  43. Perl form problem with drop down menu
  44. Problems Sending Mail Using Mailing List.
  45. SUBSTR question
  46. run CGI without setting up a server
  47. bnbform problems
  48. copyDir module???
  49. Is this possible? Request for a script to tag downloaded files.
  50. cgi-bin prob
  51. im new so excuse my ignorance
  52. download monitor
  53. perl config
  54. externalize db connection
  55. help in preventing a loop
  56. Deletion filter
  57. Distance Between 2 Zip Codes
  58. opening cgi-files
  59. Creating WEB based form with elements..
  60. Fun With Google
  61. Web Form Creating
  62. cgi Link Doesn't Read Correctly
  63. suckerfish drop down not working in perl file in IE6.
  64. if used four times, does a sub run four times?
  65. sorting split filename into hash - probs
  66. perl cgi database error handling
  67. Perl/cgi
  68. Perl basics, as well as regex references
  69. Mysql:repare: Not defined in Mysql and not autoloadable (last try prepare)
  70. Emails
  71. Help me please, lol
  72. c# New Line
  73. Help Me Plz,am Befor the Beginner :$
  74. The Meanings Of Header
  75. Creating CGI Files Using VC++ 5.0
  76. Help a poor n00b out...
  77. problem with print Location on IIS !!!
  78. Uisng a default value in a Combo Box
  79. copying procedure, step by step advice plz.
  80. hash and arrar references
  81. cgi search script
  82. [resolved] from arrays, trying to make a common name print just once.
  83. forcing just one print of </li> in a foreach
  84. segmenation fault perl -wT
  85. hashes and lists for HTML::Template
  86. change size and color of new window
  87. looking for stat to show when file was copied.
  88. Error404
  89. Novice needs some basic cgi script help..! Please..!
  90. Directing CGI To Open HTML file in a Window Previously Opened with Javascript
  91. Random Array
  92. [withdrawn] Diminishing loops
  93. trouble adding </li></ul> to my code
  94. Print form page results
  95. Parsing 8-10GB size log files
  96. Convert UTF8 characters to Hexadecimal
  97. Cannot read from txt
  98. Conditional won't work!
  99. Count problem :(
  100. Friendlier field names in form results email
  101. File Management
  102. Remotley hosted form script
  103. perl includes?
  104. Which mySql should I download?
  105. time check
  106. syntax OK'd sendmail not working
  107. Can checkboxes show a tick resulting from readfile results?
  108. Need Help about PERL...urgent!!
  109. Perl Program to create folder structue
  110. HTTP_REFERER question
  111. unlink question (cgi)
  112. can automate the htacessing p/wording
  113. directory question
  114. Number crunching and textareas
  115. YIKES!!!!! CGI Problems
  116. I need help with "forms.cgi" edits (THANKS!)
  117. Newbie Needs Password Protection
  118. Perl DBI - delete posts
  119. Form to txt file - at a loss
  120. Read a string in Perl compressed by Php with gzdeflate
  122. Latest Record Appears at Bottom of Screen Rather that at the Top
  123. Tutorial on slider widget
  124. Been working on a rating script trying to change
  125. How to ouput sort randomly
  126. auto rank...
  127. Access Log reports -- Top entry and Exit pages
  128. CGI form
  129. Execte Java Program in Perl Script
  130. Inline.pm Error in Perl Script
  131. Displaying info from form submissions...
  132. nevermind
  133. database("related" script)
  134. im really new to PERL, pls help
  135. date 3 days from now ?
  136. Script for receiving email in HTML format
  137. javascript inside a cgi page?
  138. At the end of my rope...
  139. General Questions about Server-Side WebScripting Languages
  140. stripping string
  141. retrieving info
  142. removing white spaces
  143. Unusual happeniongs with regular expressions.
  144. mail tagging
  145. Perl using javascript
  146. including a file
  147. CGI::ReadParse(*in); MODIFICATIONS!!
  148. Data File Missing?
  149. selecting a item from list
  150. calling a subroutine when a selection is made
  151. Clearing results from a FORM survey CGI script
  152. download automation using a perl script?
  153. html perl (html)output not showing as per html source code
  154. Unable to run CGI in Firefox
  155. voting system
  156. Help My Cgi Script And Tripod
  157. how to retrieve from string
  158. CGI to run php script
  159. Opening a File in a folder
  160. Display an Image using LWP?
  161. ssi include problem
  162. cutting off list bullet point from empty var
  163. showing popups
  164. opposite of =~ m///;
  165. Perl IDE
  166. Directly accessing the last line of a file
  167. escaping the @
  168. CGI Proanalyzer error
  169. cal Time Difference
  170. characters in string ?
  171. error message using dbm
  172. Completly lost with cgi
  173. fetchrow_array problem
  174. CGI script help
  175. restricting type of upload file
  176. string to integer conversion
  177. Why won't my programs run?
  178. FormMail.pl - need help with the variables!
  179. Iím trying to implement a search option
  180. DBI: SELECT from db
  181. perl_tfmail_error messages_logfile header template_application error
  182. Python CGI script not executing
  183. dbm error 404 ?
  184. Help with a perl mail script
  185. "system" call fails in perl CGI script - error code 65280
  186. why aint i receiving emails ?
  187. <textarea>
  188. one word
  189. location.href in perl
  190. java cgi - starting point
  191. Problem with objects in Perl ...new object overwriting old one
  192. printing a page in cgi /html
  193. showing a graph
  194. Email::valid
  195. inserting <br>
  196. Simple REGEX question??
  197. warn() appears in incorrect log file
  198. Permissions problem.
  199. search and replace
  200. How Call A Perl File
  201. Help Needed Launching New Window Within Script
  202. Cgi on HTML
  203. What am I doing wrong? CGI scripts does not work!
  204. plain text ?
  205. Archive::Zip - zipping directory folders
  206. How do I email an attachment?
  207. Help Please!!!!!!!!
  208. Perl script malfunctions
  209. How do I add some javascript?
  210. ssi
  211. Recommendation Needed
  212. undefined subroutine
  213. stats on regular expression parsing
  214. tags
  215. in textarea: convert web address to full hyperlink?
  216. question about unlink
  217. javascript not working in cgi-served page?
  218. Newbie Needs Help With Subroutine
  219. can not call image in cgi-bin
  220. flock
  221. WYSIWYG Addon
  222. Newbie: Selecting from array question
  223. Browser source being delivered but not reading css
  224. Help with enclosed code - Simple
  225. replacing certain character
  226. back door?
  227. Regex Matching Question
  228. back button problem
  229. help please my CGI doesnt work anymore!
  230. javascript disabled > redirect
  231. tabindex is being added to all form fields - CGI.pm bug?
  232. Perl Form Email Script outouts malformed characters
  233. splitting a string
  234. searching on multiple lines of html
  235. editing FormMail cgi script
  236. Checking proxies through LWP::UserAgent
  237. sourceforge FormMail.pl how to change www form submission in subject line?
  238. Ignorant in cgi - need help redirecting from old directory to new
  239. I need a good script to control downloads
  240. Client-Side Code to Stop Wrongly Formatted Data being Sent
  241. Add multiple attachments to web form - help plz
  242. Perl version of PHP's 'file'?
  243. building array from foreach loop gives blank spaces :(
  244. validating time
  245. Virgin Post Form CGI does not work
  246. Auto Responder vs Printer Friendly Page
  247. Redirect to a url after the cgi has ran
  248. Multiple Replacements
  249. Optimizing the program generating access log reports
  250. string between two characters