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  1. Expect Script Help
  2. Need some help check if user exists
  3. PERL in HTML?
  4. Image/Thumbnails Help plz !!!!
  5. Open file problems
  6. Script Needed For Image Find
  7. How to get next value in a foreach?
  8. emails
  9. CGI Postback Problem - Please Help... :-)
  10. Posting to two different scripts at once
  11. Email Script Problems
  12. help with form validation please.
  13. Execute Perl CGI scripts on Windows XP?
  14. Formail and form bulding- Help!
  15. help with reading a file
  16. Mounting a directory as a CD-ROM drive
  17. Help printing HTML in Perl
  18. Truncated data with execute_array and sql server
  19. perl averaging help needed..
  20. Perl if Statement
  21. Form Processing
  22. cgi photo problems
  23. need help with cgi poll
  24. Error message: "Can't call method foo without a package or object reference"
  25. Help with cart code regarding orders and their timeline inside database
  26. using substr and whole words
  27. site search script
  28. Perl scripts on Windows servers
  29. Basic cgi Help
  30. cgi script using telnet.pm not printing
  31. Passing Variables with Post Method
  32. passing hidden data between perl pages.
  33. integers comparing as string
  34. SEARCH URL QUERY OR placeholder ???
  35. Substitute an apostrophe
  36. how can i execute a perl script that accepts agruments from a web page
  37. how to prevent bookings form submission for expired dates
  38. image manipulation in perl?
  39. How do people on here practise their server side programming?
  40. System call using backticks
  41. Whats a good program to write and test scripts locally.
  42. Tripod + A log viewer
  43. How do I get users to upload images
  44. Need help with my Form Mail script
  45. CGI vs PHP best shopping solution.
  46. CGI Permissions
  47. Running another program using cgi
  48. How to collect data from a seperate document
  49. I cannot figure out the error in this script?
  50. Form results doesn't seem to hit my inbox if using a yahoo or hotmail address
  51. help w/ perl refresh
  52. formmail.pl and flash
  53. Recent Upload
  54. Syntax confusion when to use do/exec/system??
  55. Help debugging this plz
  56. Execute a batch file on a remote computer by invoking it from a perl code on client
  57. Using sendmail to send file attachments
  58. variable drop down dates?
  59. Execute Perl Scripts with different Extension Name
  60. mySQL in PERL/CGI
  61. coding a news feed!
  62. Checking for logged on user
  63. FN Search cgi script
  64. CGI Error
  65. would you guys hard code or flycode drop down menus
  66. About a CGI Script called 'Image Page'...
  67. events list calender type thingy
  68. Looking for Perl coders Perl/CGI for scripts & modules
  69. Wanted: Redirection script
  70. setting variable on .pl doc
  71. Need Help to Re-broadcast Web IP CAM
  72. basic database script?
  73. I'm a perl virgin
  74. Troubleshoot eLists/Listmerge error
  75. Database access
  76. CGI script that writes an HTTP POST to a file
  77. CGI form posting
  78. how to exec cgi script like this "http://www.domain.com/?page=home"
  79. cannot execute binary file
  80. Registration Script Problems
  81. How do I pass an image through a script?
  82. Tutorial In Need
  83. Perl, ISQL, binary file problem
  84. Parsing a string
  85. need exec cgi help
  86. perl script does not start?
  87. Problem with cgi script
  88. Who uses Perl?
  89. retrieve meta name
  90. Wanted: script to convert text to lowercase
  91. script not working when included in perl file
  92. cgi project
  93. simple footer script
  94. Flash interface
  95. Download image every minute and save to directory?
  96. pattern matching HTML
  97. parsing HTML using PERL
  98. how can I extract HTML source from a frame (different domain!)
  99. recv and dontwait
  100. Snedmail sends mail, but website gives error
  101. Splicing an array
  102. Opening a new page with a form
  103. question about script
  104. Script Problem
  105. modifying a script
  106. Anyone ever use Perl to access, and manipulate MySQL?
  107. CGI Problem
  108. Who knows Windows XP?
  109. email form
  110. Can Perl creat individual webpages?
  111. Concerning Perl, and Apache.
  112. Catalog
  113. htaccess works in all directories BUT cgi-bin
  114. Files not on server.
  115. perl script to update html page?
  116. Replacing CRLF characters
  117. Perl for loop
  118. Simple perl problem. Please help
  119. CGI/Perl Novice w/small issue
  120. A beginner problem, getting started
  121. coding a news feed!
  122. Making a simple feedback from
  123. Module locations
  124. Please help CGI perl forum editor
  125. 'Search This Site' script .. for free ?
  126. Perl n00b: modifying a .cgi file to chmod/chown an uploaded file
  127. Perl Development Recommendation
  128. Username Password login
  129. this should be easy... but i think it's not!
  130. cant get variable to appear in title of msg.
  131. Need script for viewing ZIP archive's contents
  132. can anyone fix this?
  133. Array
  134. processing url info to create variables
  135. Problem with my file upload script
  136. "if then" question
  137. implementing a bash script?
  138. Sending javascript variables to .cgi
  139. trouble posting date
  140. implementing a bash window?
  141. mail from a form to csv-file
  142. CGI email form question
  143. Newbie problems with cgi variables within HTML
  144. another if then question
  145. Specifying redirect target
  146. converting non-interpolating string to interpolating
  147. Arrays of Arrays
  148. changing script from standard to strict
  149. Multiple Range search fields
  150. Auto Emailer
  151. filtering problem?
  152. another filtering problem
  153. Benefits of CGI?
  154. username question
  155. Help with Interactive Story Program
  156. CGI: Applications and when to use it
  157. Visual Perl Module Manager
  158. configuring apache
  159. Never edited cgi before, probably really simple question
  160. CGI/Perl Thumbnail Gallery
  161. Secure html pages or folder
  162. Creating a file with a CGI script
  163. Variables: Memory Usage
  164. htaccess not allowed in cgi-bin. what's this alternative?
  165. mailForm info to excel/access sheet HELP!?
  166. PERL/JavaScript interaction
  167. what's the error in this snippet, plz
  168. Simple Data File Problem
  169. adding 'preview message' to script, prior to sending
  170. contact form, editing without losing text
  171. problem installing activeperl on windows xp
  172. plz explain this error message
  173. Need help with this Perl script... it's not redirecting correctly
  174. Usage of strict pragma
  175. open FILEhandle doing so in wrong place
  176. Running cgi locally with windows, how?
  177. simple perl & mysql query: n00b
  178. Apache won't run all files
  179. print system command
  180. Browser downloads the .pl instead of executing it.
  181. can't open automatically created file
  182. Script that splits data by value supplied
  183. Push buttons vs Hyperlinks
  184. CSS not getting linked...
  185. I need help with CGI remote LOGIN script
  186. Internal Server Error! Such a helpful message...
  187. Perl Scripts for saving forms
  188. Dynamic Menu
  189. short script with error logs for your help plz
  190. make many directories - is there a better way?
  191. Uninstall PHP
  192. Can't locate modulename.pm in @INC
  193. CGI Image mapping & automated subroutine
  194. Cgi Send mail
  195. restricting file size?
  196. Zip Codes
  197. Problems with html form processsing
  198. Regular expression Q: Time strings and non word boundery characters
  199. splitting a variable?
  200. error message after submit
  201. stripping url params
  202. trouble formating a string
  203. <body>.*?</body> extracting
  204. need to split $_ to print content of a DBM file
  205. HowTo run .exe using Perl? (beginer)
  206. charactor manipulation help
  207. Newbie question qw()
  208. Please HELP Me [My FAQ]
  209. Product comparison script?
  210. formmail.pl shows () in the recipients from part of inbox I want it to say
  211. Searching a string to see if it contains $txt
  212. POP mail user\server info
  213. good perl & cgi site
  214. Help!!! Writing A Perl Form
  215. if anyone can help me with this code Please do
  216. Calling the same pl script into this one
  217. Problem with Pattern!
  218. A simple form in HTML/CGI
  219. trace IP to city/state
  220. search engine
  221. list req'd of env variables, like http referer.
  222. Perl + JavaScript = Hierarchical List
  223. Perl + JavaScript, part 2
  224. making a page that refreshes
  225. FormMail.cgi - Need help!!!
  226. Problem updating mySQL database - Please Help!
  227. string manipulation
  228. Is it possible to use formmail for secure data?
  229. Conditional statements difficulties
  230. date
  231. localtime(time) off by a day?
  232. Symbols &gt; and &lt;
  233. Removing part of code to an external file and how to call it back in?
  234. Permission Denied in $! on writing to a file (Win 2000)
  235. formatting numbers
  236. Security question for a forum script
  237. Fight Chaos IRC Game Bot
  238. Really basic (read 'dumb') cgi problem
  239. SSI: include a variable file name?
  240. Perl Camel shaped script
  241. System() function
  242. connection reset by peer / bad file descriptor
  243. Search with grep two coincidences
  244. Perl script to open an HTML document in a frameset
  245. shorter way for elsif where there are many elsif's
  246. Formmail submits prematurely
  247. Combining scripts
  248. Help passing this variable please
  249. PERL Question
  250. Security in developing???