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  1. How do you get the name of variable?
  2. Opening up a directory with a variable number
  3. tfmail problem...
  4. Substitution using a variable
  5. RegEx question
  6. Outside linking in .cgi
  7. Download files to pc
  8. Cross Package Global Variables
  9. How Do I know which OS I am running?
  10. How do i print the array using its reference
  11. how to make program secure in my situation
  12. Reading Files, check for Plain Text?
  13. How to delete all cookies for session.
  14. What does a 'Makefile.pl' Do?
  15. Send Server Side PDF to Desktop
  16. Need help in CGI Error!! Please its urgent
  17. problems with MD5 encryption
  18. CGI prompt to open/save file
  19. CGI Only Submits Text Input for Some
  20. find between words
  21. Cannot read uploaded file
  22. How to replace an ampersand in Perl?
  23. Is there any way to use Graphviz module using CGI?
  24. Need to change text separator from , to | in cgi form script
  25. Timer function on remote server
  26. Help for a newbie - installing Perl Modules
  27. What way to do this without 'barewords'
  28. Object Hash Reference
  29. Free E-Book On CGI learning(for beginner)
  30. Retrieving from table where first letter matches a given
  31. multipart/alternative text/html email
  32. CD Access
  33. Environment variable for an HTML page title?
  34. problems passing value to subroutine
  35. How to set email encoding type in MIME::Lite?
  36. read access to my server, good/bad/not recommended?
  37. Installation Issues on Cygwin Win XP
  38. PERL Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  39. sessions - submitting/retrieving additional values
  40. mySQL query 'like' problem
  41. passing paramets from one cgi to another cgi
  42. time delay
  43. Problem with my postcard perl script
  44. values not pushing to global variable/scheduled tasks
  45. CGI::Session and Session ID
  46. Retreiving data from the database to an excel sheet file
  47. URL losing form data
  48. a script to wrote to DB. Is it ok?
  49. A shorter IF statement
  50. Open to a section of a dynamic page?
  51. .htpasswd -update with perl?
  52. SQL statement failing
  53. how to use a perl module optionally (if available)?
  54. Ready to flip my scripting lid!
  55. hash problem and sorting
  56. regex
  57. Sorting Array of Hash refs
  58. New to CGI can someone please advise on the attached code
  59. graphing, GD module
  60. parsing difficulty using regex
  61. order / cmp
  62. Having problems with "CAPTCHA for Perl"
  63. Formmail help please
  64. image generated & sent via perl/cgi shows in firefox but not in internet explorer
  65. Form Issue
  66. not understanding data dumper output
  67. left shift problem
  68. How do i authenticate on to a NTLM site
  69. postmessage problem....64 bits problem
  70. packing and inpacking problem
  71. placing in array
  72. using modules in Objects
  73. can u guys help me....
  74. How to prevent double submit, on a web page??
  75. Problem With 404 even though file is there.
  76. Interested....
  77. Read from Text Area
  78. Trouble running a perl script in the background
  79. Adding javascript in a cgi script
  80. optimize without using arrays
  81. Formmail questions
  82. Defining global variables
  83. Ecard Perl Script Installation Question
  84. Is it possible to open concurrent connections using Net::IMAP::Simple library ?
  85. getting notified
  86. Contact Form script
  87. Running .sh script in a CGI script
  88. GPS using Perl/CGI
  89. Where does this form send the information to?
  90. Cannot run CGI scripts (404 Error)
  91. setting params = null in perl to send to mysql
  92. Applet wont load
  93. building tracking script.
  94. ? marks in directiory name using perl
  95. Send Mail Code
  96. Little help needed
  97. Put Full Circle on a map~need URgent Help!
  98. a question about request method
  99. html & pl file need help
  100. php GET method using Perl?
  101. grep array against array
  102. getting link
  103. splitting array returned from MySQL query
  104. how to hash this?
  105. Perl looping problem
  106. Please Help its very urgent. New to CGI
  107. My script gives me error 500!
  108. perl clickable email need help
  109. XML stripping
  110. File::Find Not Working How I expect
  111. strftime assistance
  112. matching the $Path to a filename -sorted
  113. Trying to parse a simple Form
  114. cgi-bin script question
  115. env vars issue.
  116. which sessions module
  117. splitting userAgent value consistently xbrowser.
  118. Excute multiple perl files!
  119. Variables holding on to old value in callback function
  120. showing curent number of site visitors.
  121. help with split on regex
  122. matching and no match question
  123. session not evaluating properly.
  124. CGI SendMail and Html...
  125. Posting the time stamp in the email
  126. creating cgi cookie problem
  127. help needed, with checkout
  128. Perl Problem
  129. Issue with open() for file on another server
  130. Make A Cookie Script Using SSI
  131. Help Understanding File::DirWalk
  132. Multithreading in Perl.. plz help!!!
  133. hash issue.
  134. Looping help
  135. If statement always returns true
  136. general session question
  137. sessions to be accessed both by perl files and php files
  138. How to find Window Name?
  139. code stopped working...no errors to help
  140. How to find latest file in a folder?
  141. telling printer to start outputting to new page
  142. New Object In The Same Script
  143. array compiling wrongly?
  144. regex help please.
  145. regex nearly there
  146. Count problem
  147. cgi script being displayed on webpage instead of executing
  148. perl connection to another server.
  149. Can't Get BFormMail.pl To Run On New Server
  150. Error Document Errors
  151. Really basic question from a coding newbie: Formmail.pl
  152. parsing a name into initials and storing it
  153. TMPL_LOOP conditional
  154. what if host doesn't have module installed?
  155. need help
  156. Learning To Program
  157. CSS template variable
  158. Problem in file writing
  159. GMFormMail
  160. Installing Perl?
  161. RegEx Bracket Question
  162. Search Engine
  163. Fix Corrupt File With Regex
  164. how to search a string in web page using perl
  165. whats this?
  166. can these three regex's be merged into just one?
  167. trying to make more efficiencies.
  168. Perl sort hash problem
  169. retrieving hash from MySQL but not very well.
  170. can you make a CGI script without any output?
  171. 500 Internal Server Error
  172. checking a regex with you.
  173. Test existence of directory
  174. why is this not working????
  175. better way to retrieve tons from four tables
  176. Perl Error when running a script.
  177. What is wrong with my cgi script?
  178. passing params from script to script.
  179. regex question again
  180. html parsing
  181. putting session info into hash
  182. Script quits executing nested loop randomly
  183. Rubbish question, which didn;t make sense.
  184. TFmail.pl method error
  185. Script broken for no apparent reason
  186. parse xml problems
  187. get temp file size
  188. Newbie questions: how to show a listing in pages
  189. What is wrong with my cgi script?
  190. stuck in subroutines
  191. Accessing data in references?
  192. do "require" function runs a particular program only once??
  193. hard return in textarea produces error in formmail
  194. In my Winclicker.pm logon is not working!!!
  195. Display the log file
  196. Problems with CGI Script for 301 Redirect
  197. Shell command then capture output
  198. Simple question about if statement
  199. looping through keys to find match
  200. eval block
  201. perl make a post connection with other domain..
  202. difficulties with fieldnames containing apostrophes
  203. cgi code division (/) resulting in decimal instead of whole number
  204. A bit of perl coding help needed
  205. Post .PL Results to IFrame in Different Window
  206. more hashing help needed please.
  207. Php, Perl, Asp?
  208. htaccess redirect in a CGI script
  209. Db connection efficiency question
  210. loop mis-behaving.
  211. I'm struggling with another conditional :( [solved]
  212. Arrays & MySQL
  213. show numeric value as 102,34 (Euro Money)
  214. passing data from sub to sub -without causing infinite loops.
  215. form feed assistance, please.
  216. Display problem on my Thank You Page.
  217. simple mail script malfunction,
  218. MySQl query put into a hash kills the zerofill.
  219. This regex isn't doing what I think it should.
  220. Anagram Script taking too long/dying while solving big words
  221. Links in email sent via cgiemail
  222. How do I script one cgi script to pull info from another?
  223. Counting instances in Flat file database
  224. Get Data With Perl Regex
  225. couple of regexes for your approval, plz.
  226. Perl help totally lost.
  227. Take output and format into multiple pages
  228. need some help with last_insert_id. plz
  229. regex straight from 'book' not working.
  230. IRC Trivia Bot
  231. how to count HoH value.
  232. execute not happening aparently yet code runs.
  233. Basic Booking Form - output CSV
  234. specifics ref. converting from perl to php
  235. hidden variable
  236. set env variables and make command to run
  237. Search and Replace in Perl
  238. Matching issues with Multiple Instances
  239. dbh->do with placeholders problem.
  240. help needed to understand mysql error message
  241. Read file, edit file, save file
  242. removing content in url tag
  243. how to remove provisional purchase oreder from db.
  244. Little help needed.
  245. Perl set up on windows server 2003
  246. Formmail.. a bit stuck
  247. looking for date module help
  248. problem with cgiemail
  249. Tab Delimited Not Returning Values
  250. 'Win32_LogicalDisk'