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  1. Where to sell php scripts
  2. Selling and hiring online services
  3. Who Owns the Coded Page?
  4. Those in the Industry - How Did You Get Your Job?
  5. Need your suggestion
  6. Discouraged, need some career advice
  7. Please Help with my CV
  8. General Buisness question
  9. Wishing & Hoping
  10. New to Freelance
  11. Suggestions/Comments/Bugs regarding my freelance website.
  12. New programming Company
  13. Guide for pricing
  14. Which sites to start with?
  15. Should I be asking for more money? Serious question need advice.
  16. How to transition from skillset to skillset
  17. Attractive CV
  18. Creating a paper portfolio of web work?
  19. I hate my Job - Can somebody give me career advice
  20. Taking over a website
  21. Career change advice
  22. estimate for a project?
  23. When is enough enough
  24. degree question
  25. Recommended Employment sites in the UK
  26. freelance web design sites?
  27. Paypal!!!!!!!!
  28. looking for a job
  29. Need Local Market Advice
  30. Starting a Very Small Business
  31. Has anyone done web development on a contract basis?
  32. Reseller Account?
  33. Testing and Prices
  34. What is needed for a good web designer
  35. Development Outsourcing Web Site
  36. Stock Foto CMS+Front Design
  37. American help wanted - to INC or LLC?
  38. Ecommerce Development Advice
  39. We're looking for qualified writers!!!
  40. renewing expired domain
  41. Does Contract transfer
  42. Pricing issues
  43. Working for equity / percentage of profits thoughts
  44. Need advice
  45. Taxes & Accountants Suggestions
  46. Should I Invest My Time?
  47. Need advice regarding PHP
  48. Need some serious advice on some ideas I have built...
  49. FB Developer Directory - Info + Feedback
  50. Marketing your website
  51. the easiest thing and i can't do it.... advice??
  52. Internet Assessor - Does anybody know anything about that.
  53. Web Developer in the UK, Bedford / MK area
  54. Building a website for a paying client.... useful guide.
  55. Programming advice
  56. What should this sell for?
  57. Options for senior college student in web design
  58. Underquoting - opinions
  59. is a degree important to get a job as a web designer
  60. Big project ripoff
  61. Web design Disclaimer examples needed
  62. The Part Designer Part Programer
  63. Serious Problem with other PHP developer
  64. Question about copying scripts
  65. Domain name reseller suggestions needed
  66. Licensing Your Name (Business)
  67. What are some of your careers?
  68. Question about What to Charge For
  69. College Classes
  70. best reseller hosting plans
  71. what is the normal salary for php developer
  72. Tips/Suggestions/Comments to help my web design career
  73. Simple site for finding people to work on projects with you
  74. project idea for the IT student
  75. Resume Help
  76. Creating a resume
  77. Hosting Policy
  78. How do I find a job...
  79. What is your main source of new clientele?
  80. How do i get a job
  81. social networking site with a twist
  82. Pricing and Policies
  83. Business Week Advice
  84. Help with contract
  85. Payment?
  86. Building a portfolio
  87. seeking advice about changing jobs
  88. Crazy idea
  89. Need Help Formulating a Reasonable Quote
  90. Advice on asking for a raise
  91. considering a computer software degree
  92. Project Management/Time Tracking
  93. Ethics/Pricing/Working with friends startup...looking for advice.
  94. php project
  95. Help with resume
  96. Researching how/with whom to build a big website- looking for advice.
  97. advice needed on quoting for design/development of a website
  98. Set rate for product + hourly rate?
  99. Looking to get jump started in web development
  100. Work after project completion
  101. Interview Questions
  102. looking for advice on how to start my career
  103. Jobs in Javascript.
  104. Design Job searcher!
  105. Job in Javascript!
  106. If anyone knows anything about render farms?
  107. Need some info!
  108. web F/T job boards
  109. Business from international clients?
  110. How much should I charge? (Information included)
  111. Freelance coding and the IRS
  112. Legal Question
  113. Tutoring Fee
  114. Jobs in web design - what's expected
  115. Could someone give me an example of a web design billing letter
  116. Phone support
  117. Legal question: comparing competitors' prices
  118. Your advice on how to set a career working with databases & software.
  119. Need career advice
  120. equity for engineer #1
  121. Looking for raise advice for a new software developer
  122. Starting a goal setting website
  123. how to estimate time to completion
  124. How much can I charge for a website?
  125. Web Building - best skills to invest in etc
  126. Landing design projects
  127. Pricing, Promotion, and Postings - A Guide for Developers
  128. Pricing, Projects, and Postings - A Guide for Buyers
  129. Would I like being a DBA?
  130. Building a web application for a client
  131. Looking for advice on promoting my web site
  132. Advice on courses
  133. Free-lance for a student
  134. website pricing question
  135. How does freelance work?
  136. Advice for Freelancing Stay At Home Mom
  137. what is this worth (to build a website like this one)?
  138. London web design jobs
  139. Freelancing Without College Education?
  140. Web Design Consultancy/Agency - Business Start up
  141. career change
  142. 9 Signs You Shouldn't Hire THAT Web Guy
  143. Starting a business website
  144. Indeed Clone World Top Most Job Search Engine Website
  145. Best schools for web development?
  146. directory submission help???
  147. MMO Role Playing Text Based Games?
  148. OOP Affecting Paid Work?
  149. website or blog
  150. Why is it soo hard?
  151. Square Peg Web: Gets you the traffic to where it matters most: Your Website!
  152. Business plans advice
  153. Partnerships, what to ask/do?
  154. Cooperation with ukrainian web-studio
  155. Need advice on freelancing as a developer
  156. Working in the US info
  157. Budgeting Prgramming
  158. Choosing an ecommerce platform?
  159. Looking For Web Work Again
  160. Looking for better salary...
  161. First Job Interview
  162. Seeking estimates on developer fees for vendor matching site.
  163. Choosing schools for web design
  164. tips how to approach new clients?
  165. What do people look for when finding a programmer?
  166. What was your major in college?
  167. Copyrights
  168. Resume Format
  169. How much would this website cost to develop?
  170. Looking for a Partner/s who can use Java or C++ & knowledge using HMTL/Web Design
  171. What are the best ways to promote website ?
  172. Looking for advice on an E-commerce project
  173. Help deciding future
  174. How do you determine prices / quotes?
  175. IT Consulting - how to get a higher cut of bill rate?
  176. Starting assisting on company's website - really like it and want to do it fulltime
  177. Entry level - Trainee jobs
  178. Liability insurance reqs (Ind. Consultants)
  179. Need Help with a Quote
  180. As a freelance web designer, how much work do you get?
  181. Looks and Style
  182. What would you charge for this
  183. Adding a business location to a map
  184. DBA job
  185. Schools for online Learning in Canada
  186. Do guilds exist for coders?
  187. Got my first client, help and suggestions on how to complete transaction
  188. What do you code ?
  189. What are the most in demand programming languages and services that would be ideal to
  190. Work location to work online?
  191. which language ?
  192. Resolved How do I copyright my code? [UK]
  193. Wanting to gain experience.
  194. Advice on door to door promotion.
  195. Learning web development, best options
  196. Staffordshire University
  197. Struggling to find job.....freelance maybe??
  198. PHP.MySQL/C Programmer
  199. The usage of CMS with clients
  200. FOWD 2011, need advice for newbie
  201. Obligation to clients site?
  202. Is it difficult to learn databases?
  203. Not sure where to post this. Legal actions...
  204. Coding a Website For a Friend. What's the Process?
  205. Designing Objects: Advice
  206. 15 year old, would like to become web designer? Advice?
  207. How this forum can help in freelancing job.
  208. Reward Site - Need Advice
  209. Where Can I Learn How to Turn My Web Design Into A Service/Business?
  210. I chose the wrong major in college, now what?
  211. What type of Program can be asked in Technical Round
  212. Any good Web Design Classes in NYC?
  213. Getting a job
  214. how much would this cost to make?
  215. some advice please
  216. Need a developer.
  217. Maturity exam project
  218. What are Salary/Benefits for an entry-level web designer?
  219. First clients
  220. Subcontracting advice
  221. Learning Web Design and finding positions/assisting on projects
  222. Hello, I have a question
  223. Languages?
  224. Graphics Designer
  225. How do I become an official member of the press?
  226. Help Needed. Any great programmers out there?
  227. How can I get money online?
  228. $$$$ per hour!
  229. hr: question for developers/managers
  230. Web Programmer Needed for Startup Venture (Atlanta,GA)
  231. Portfolio under construction
  232. Partner in startup
  233. Project Z - Designed and built by me and the users of CodingForums.com
  234. A advice....
  235. Quote on Software Development
  236. Web Developer Available (HTML,CSS,PHP,MySQL)
  237. Actionscript 3 or Java
  238. Business Idea, Need Developers and marketers
  239. Selling a website.
  240. Is being a web developer a sustainable job?
  241. Free Lancer Looking for Outsourcers?
  242. I need a partner
  243. Job opportunities in web development with only an associate degree?
  244. Interested in sophisticated Amazon Product API script?
  245. advertising related
  246. Comments on 'Best' Programming Language
  247. WTB career talking computer
  248. Looking for a task/project management and ticketing system for my office
  249. Freelance Telecommuting
  250. Where to get a Master's Degree in Web Design (ONLINE ONLY)