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  13. MS Access
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  16. Oracle
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  18. in clause + count function
  19. selecting email recipients by classification
  20. Export to Excel From MySQL in Java
  21. Ms-sql
  22. MS SQL Server 2005 help..
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  25. Pls help-problem in OSQL script
  26. Resolved Delphi ADOQuerie help needed
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  28. extract distinct records
  29. Quick SQL 2000 Query Help Needed
  30. BETWEEN with LIKE
  31. update multiple rows of db from user form
  32. MSSQL Sorting Woes
  33. Show Only Newest Version of Record
  34. Sqlite3/PDO write lock issue
  35. ACCESS: Calculating the difference between two dates
  36. Row Id and Rownum
  37. Access - SQL Getting duplicates
  38. MS Access
  39. SQL Server: Copying from one DB to another
  40. clicking through from record to record on form
  41. SQL order by problem ?
  42. Database
  43. timestamp
  44. mssql - problem with select clause for records between two dates
  45. SQL statement help
  46. FrontBase : insert a date
  47. Calculating fields by date
  48. MS-SQL Performance issue
  49. Any other SQL or MS Access / OleDb databases available?
  50. SQL2008.AdventureWorks install problem
  51. how to obtain SQL Server FullText Search service?
  52. I can’t install SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services - Help!
  53. Pub sample database
  54. AdventureWorks mayhem
  55. Can SQL Server 2008 access Northwind or Pubs databases?
  56. How to import ".mdb" files into SQL Server 2008?
  57. How to uninstall AdventureWorks sample databases?
  58. SQL Server connection problem
  59. collating records from different SQL Server tables
  60. dataAdapter.Update problem
  61. auto-increment identity column
  62. displaying an auto-incremented SQL identity column
  63. How do I get PasswordHash value?
  64. PasswordHash NULL problem
  65. dataAdapter.Update / SQL PasswordHash NULL problem
  66. how to “store” stored procedures
  67. proper Save location for SQL stored procedures
  68. where's the dgDetails class?
  69. SQL and PL/SQL Queries
  70. Hyperlinking to a SQL stored procedure
  71. how to create mirroring of a DB in MSSQL on the same server
  72. Path incorrect at free hosting server
  73. determining if an SQL database exists, etc.
  74. SQL Cursor help
  75. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
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  77. MSSQL - get begining and end date
  78. start and end date of month in mssql
  79. Ms sql virus scan a MDF file
  80. MS Access Log File
  81. Microsoft Access vs MySql
  82. Splitting Data in Access
  83. Checksum error after restoring MSSQL 2005 DB
  84. SQL Query Help
  85. CASE with different datatype
  86. Error: Failed to generate a user instance of SQL Server...
  87. How can i get min(value) and Max(value) for the particular modified date?
  88. SQl Query for Top and Bottom Row value for the particular date
  89. Need help to build ms sql query
  90. Synchonizing database
  91. sql server 2005 connection
  92. sms send from oracle
  93. SQL Server Express = Free
  94. Mssql 2005 - help in query building
  95. How to move tables in Oracle 10g from one pc to another
  96. Need SQL query help...
  97. Inserting Missing Rows
  98. copying data from one table to another
  99. Show top 10
  100. Access DB Count Distinct Performance Issue
  101. help ceating a loop
  102. Mssql 2005 - help in query building
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  105. phpmyadmin column entry issue
  106. Access 2007
  107. MsSQL INDEXing a column
  108. Fatal error! Too many clients postgres
  109. select portion of my Update statement works but update doesn't...
  110. Resolved Creating a query to group by defined criteria - MS SQL 2005
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  113. syntex error
  114. Oracle database
  115. SQL query help
  116. Syncing A Website Form with Microsoft Access?
  117. ACCESS: Select Top 4
  118. Need help with old PowerBase data conversion.
  119. MS SQL Server 2000/2003/2008
  120. Data Entry Form
  121. Database Query Timeouts
  122. duplicate records
  123. MSSQL 2005 datetype for storing 0 at the begining
  124. microsoft access database platform, Why and Why not?
  125. PostgreSQL help
  126. PHP Form to PostgreSQL Database
  127. sql server 2005 - Delete Rows in a table based on deletion in another table.
  128. sql server stored procedure problem
  129. SQL sever 2008, select multiple field and aggregate function
  130. SQL server stored procedure help
  131. problem in passing dynamic values to MSSQL query
  132. SQL Server Query subquery
  133. Update Query
  134. Foreign Key Help
  135. Syntax error...WTF?
  136. How do I separate city, state, zip into separate columns?
  137. Export from SQL
  138. SQL Join using dates - error
  139. Last SQL question, I promise (for today, lol)
  140. Having problems with these two basic queries
  141. table a” link to “table b” on id and return the results from “table b
  142. need sql to condense request and add an and/or statement
  143. SQL Subquery confusion
  144. How do I put a searchable database on my site
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  146. SQL Help
  147. Align numeric output
  148. Resolved PostgreSQL Group Data by Every 15 Minutes
  149. Foreign key to a different DBMS
  150. Output mystery??
  151. SQL Data will not "select"
  152. Oracle help--loopback adapter
  153. Desktop based Client for Cassandra
  154. Writing an MSAccessdatabase through Java, problems with SQL statements
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  157. SQL Query Help: Returning distinct values from Count subquery
  158. Applet updating a database, exception handling help
  159. MS Access 2003 Database as exe file
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  168. mmddyyyy
  169. how to dubug the looping chain in synonym?
  170. Error in Code in program using vb.net and Ms Access
  171. Problems with Group By Query
  172. syntax SQLserver2005
  173. HELP! ASP form input pass to ADO SQL clause to query DB
  174. Alternative database management?
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  176. Update Help Needed: How do I keep only the last four characters
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  178. SQL Server 2008 Instalation
  179. SQL Server Installation
  180. Database basics (the mechanics) tutorial
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  182. Access query IIF error
  183. Validation Rule value
  184. syntax error update statement
  185. improving install process
  186. SQLite: Fixing the time/date in guestbook
  187. sql
  188. Is there a way to find out if a query will return data before it is made?
  189. Using operators in Access
  190. Delete sql table of certain size
  191. How would I do a REPLACE for SELECT * ??
  192. SQL Server trigger for update and insert
  193. Fee intimation due list
  194. How to set Query Date Value to NULL
  195. MSSQL Password modification
  196. VB Fax from Access DB
  197. Exclude the row on SQL Server 2000
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  199. help with SQL Plus Queries!!!!! (reward)
  200. SQLPlus Error
  201. Oracle 10g LEFT OUTER JOIN issue
  202. How to prevent hard code?
  203. Resolved ORACLE - SELECT (I'm sure I'm missing something simple)
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  208. MS using C#.NET through MS SQL
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  211. Resolved SQL Server 08R2 Express cmd line properties
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  214. DBF database questions
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  217. structured query language (sql)
  218. Tutorials for coding a petition and storing info on sequel pro?
  219. Need help with Access Query
  220. Last date of quarter (oracle sql)
  221. Hypertable or Cassandra
  223. Sql 2008 query trigger email to user
  224. Opening ports for remote access to SQL SERVER
  225. SQL Query Help
  226. quick database question
  227. creating a credit system for my users
  228. userID - best field type to use
  229. Advice on equivilent Mongo schema from MySQL
  230. Hel with triggers on Oracle.
  231. Merging two record together
  232. wildcards for access.
  233. Microsoft SQL Server query
  234. Corrupted Mdf File In Sql 2000
  235. Really simple Access database question
  236. database design and structure
  237. Resolved Brief explanation on SQL server and databases
  238. How to update a field on a new INSERT and do this in a TRIGGER?
  239. Need some help with a sign in and out system
  240. Inner Join syntax problem
  241. White Space
  242. Showing records after a specific time
  243. Whats your take on MariaDB
  244. store values from data sent via ajax to server side
  245. SQL SERVER - Nvarchar query issue
  246. SQL Server Enterprise Scalability
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  248. Does anyone know how to set my default database without using object explorer
  249. S3DB - How to Edit SQL?
  250. Access database