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  1. What exactly is the best design degree ATM?
  2. Which of these sites has a better design please?
  3. looking for graphic design company or team
  4. KB for web, quality
  5. Quicktime bgcolor in Firefox...?
  6. Little review of my layout...plz?
  7. Drop Shadow Effect
  8. How do I fetch currently playing item from embedded playlist and save result to file?
  9. DJ code
  10. Please help me embed a flash video
  11. Flash Question - No animation
  12. Embedding wmv file
  13. Photoshop batch filename problem
  14. Two images stacked in a GIF
  15. A width problem with Photoshop CS2.
  16. Browser detection problem
  17. Any clues on the fonts used in these images?
  18. image linked with a sound works,but mouse doesn't display the active link like a hand
  19. dynamic embedding of youtube thumbnails/video (as in facebook)
  20. Looking for someone to help a basic logo
  21. Photo popup utility (java? flash?)
  22. Need a website, graphics, and animation creator!!!
  23. Need a website, graphics, and animation creator!!!
  24. Copyrighted Song Length On A Podcast
  25. QuickTime vs Windows Media Player
  26. Cool Background Effect. How to?
  27. Invalid embedding... Help?
  28. Illustrator jpeg issue
  29. Embedding height issue in FF
  30. Can anyone identify the font here
  31. SWF not showing in IE
  32. MP3 rollover and loop play
  33. Graphic positioning and different screens
  34. seeking pointers to a good free video editor.
  35. Looking for a free Photo Gallery
  36. Cascade os curled images
  37. Issues with image loading
  38. Best program to optimize hundreds of pictures?
  39. Alternative image file to a gif
  40. Image Banner Rotation
  41. Current way to embed a video - this it?
  42. Space Effects in Photoshop
  43. Problem in IE - swf sound not switching off when change to new div
  44. Resolved Remove the background of a jpg?
  45. Image appears faded in IE but not in Mozilla or Chrome
  46. Palying music continuously
  47. slicing images and have spaces in website?
  48. Resolved Just bought Fireworks CS4. What book to Buy?
  49. active controls menu frame visible in IE
  50. Saving a PC format EPS, PDF or TIFF on a mac
  51. Recommended File Format and Canvas Size for Print
  52. Updating from CS3 to CS4
  53. embed wmp not working with IE
  54. Freebie of the Week: 2 things you could use in Photoshop.
  55. which software for logo design
  56. vectorising photos?
  57. images in IE
  58. Photoshop: Partially remove glow
  59. Multi-cast groups
  60. mimeo background wanted
  61. logo
  62. Resolved Right Triangles in Fireworks?
  63. high quality icons?
  64. font creation - how?
  65. Confusion worse confounded. the slippery e(l)m
  66. Random playlist play for embed media player ?
  67. Video bandwidth usage vs. cache viewing
  68. Drawing Tool
  69. Growing Pic
  70. Video player with manager
  71. Map Viewer...(?)
  72. 1024 pixel image too big?
  73. Graphics & buttons for MMORPG game
  74. Adding a pattern to a logo
  75. Legality of using favicon's like Facebook's on your own site's contact page?
  76. some thumbs does not show
  77. Banner Sliced
  78. [HELP PLEASE]How can I get the URL?
  79. adobe illustrator help, how to save transparent space?
  80. need a template for a market site
  81. creating images and visual aids with PHP
  82. flickering neon lights...best way to go about this?
  83. How to create this effect in photoshop??
  84. How can I reduce file size of png's in Fireworks CS4
  85. How to add swf to page with controller
  86. Web Based Video/Audio Recording in Flash
  87. Want to Learn more about Streaming Video and Video Players
  88. Video Player
  89. phootoshop web design question
  90. Pleeeeese HELP:How to get video to work in a flash website
  91. Please Help with Pictures
  92. Help me to learn photoshop
  93. Unavoidable screen colour differences? Or something I can fix? :S
  94. PNG Now?
  95. how to get pictures to zoom automatically
  96. Photoshop web layout tutorials?
  97. help please with animated .gif?
  98. PNG File Size?
  99. Resolved Transparency with Layer Masks and Gradients
  100. Transparent png IE css background
  101. Mint.com window gradient effect - how to do?
  102. xspf player is playing a random playlist
  103. the player and playlist show, but the playlist never plays.
  104. accurate colours?
  105. embedded video woes
  106. Picture Gallery
  107. Video file Icons
  108. Can swfobject and flowplayer be used together?
  109. Sliced Banner Mess-Up
  110. Embed a j2me mobile app into a web page
  111. pixilated edges
  112. colors look different on pc and mac
  113. what can i do to make this image to not repeat itself but stretch in background?
  114. frame appearing around image in IE on click
  115. embedded media player ?
  116. Biro text effect?
  117. Flash Intro not working in Firefox
  118. Website appears different on different computers?
  119. help with graphic plz.
  120. Resolved Advice needed for Fireworks.
  121. Web Media Player: Suggestions?
  122. Photoshop - vintage movie poster style?
  123. Flash video slow motion issue
  124. Free Audio Songs widget for our website
  125. Swishmax template tutorials.
  126. Adding Sound Clip into a Forum Thread
  127. Looking for the software that made this image.
  128. what size images do i buy?
  129. Slicing Question
  130. Proportionate printing
  131. two issues with a working embedded video...
  132. Different Image Types (.png, .gif, etc.)
  133. Need help with web banner and background for my site
  134. Website's Image Sizes and Formats
  135. My embedded media player won't stay open...
  136. Whats Images Would You Use?
  137. SWSX badges/pass to interactive exhibits
  138. embedded youtube and IE
  139. On Demand Video Player and manager
  140. Creating an Advanced Audio Player
  141. animated .gif vs .swf?
  142. Embedding multiple SWF files?
  143. Diagram of a table and a marble
  144. quick time play settings
  145. Resolved How to make this transparent background gif smooth
  146. Extract images from gif
  147. Rendering the background of images
  148. How can arraign preset image rotation, or..
  149. Using images in embedded WMP
  150. Problem with multipage .stk tiff file
  151. Newbie needs help: can't put images on top of images.
  152. creating a slideshow - javascript? flash? other?
  153. gif levels of gray
  154. Detect a Live Stream in Embedded WMP
  155. Adding music to avi/mpegs
  156. Codec error report in movie maker
  157. Opening title generator
  158. flash mp3 players...any good templates you can buy?
  159. Dropped shadow effect and PNG and GIF
  160. Banner image
  161. creating a header design for a table
  162. adobe fireworks...what's it role in the product array?
  163. Changing background colour of stock photos
  164. Inscape Text for the web ... poor Why ?
  165. Embedding video without controls.
  166. Realtime Charting solutions?
  167. Google Maps and Embedded Listings
  168. Dubrovnik Tourist Logo: Yea or Nay?
  169. what is "interlaced" in a photoshop png file save?
  170. how do you unlock as many layers as possible in photoshop?
  171. any good photoshop tutorials?
  172. photoshop question: how do you disable snap to grid when cropping and image?
  173. i need help doing this on adobe flash
  174. How are they doing it?
  175. how do you photoshop a person into a mirror/glass?
  176. gradual transition in background image ?
  177. Media player fullscreen
  178. Visio Line Question
  179. Chinese on page
  180. Help with photoshop please
  181. .img files not showing
  182. Flash CS3 masking problem
  183. where i can find gui applications like icons ?
  184. YouTube Video Image Preview
  185. i need help with a simple babycam website
  186. Saving a .TIFF to be downloaded online
  187. Creating Wavy Lines in Photoshop
  188. Whats Wrong with my SWF FILE
  189. Changing image buttons
  190. will this html display a button with images?
  191. Is this a good color combination for a site?
  192. Showing specs to distant clients...
  193. Can you add something to a Animated gif?
  194. how to insert media in slicker show-and-hide and how to add counter
  195. Photoshop aligning
  196. Does anyone know a good place where I can find generic dialog for websites?
  197. ? with IE and SWF embeding
  198. Saving and Exporting Actions in Photoshop
  199. Plug-in Player Background Color
  200. Upgrade to CS 5
  201. Video platform
  202. Newbee question about photoshop
  203. Like ImageStyle + TextArt
  204. Optimizing images that look good but are low file size, help
  205. Newby PS question about drawing line
  206. Omniture + CS 5
  207. Add a data stream
  208. Divx Generator Help!!!
  209. Photographer websites sell their photos?
  210. Flash question?
  211. Replace Flash with HTML5
  212. Making YouTube controls like Vimeo's?
  213. Resolved firefox background image, how to?
  214. virtual tour player
  215. Adobe Tools (iPhone/iPad)
  216. Icon search
  217. How GUIs work
  218. Century Gothic Font missing in Dreamweaver and Flash
  219. Background transparency in Paint
  220. Using Adobe Fireworks CS4 to add shadow to png image.
  221. DIfference between photoshop and coral draw
  222. PHP & PopSHops
  223. Video/Animation Banner
  224. getting wmp object playState from iframe
  225. Feedback? Thursday website redesign mock up.
  226. Should I stream media from my hosting plan?
  227. Optimizing My Site's Speed
  228. Issue with image and IE
  229. Reducing Bit Rates
  230. Automatic embedding script?
  231. I can't find a glowing orb guide.
  232. #1 (permalink) In Photoshop, how can I make transparent background a solid color?
  233. Resizing gifs
  234. Anyone really good with photoshop?
  235. hellllllllllllllp plz :"(
  236. Fast Loading Time For Image
  237. Best way to design templates
  238. Web Audio Converting...
  239. 'OBJECT' player code does not validate. (attribute that does not exist)
  240. on the fly wmv to mp4 converter on the server
  241. how to add a download button.
  242. Menu appears behind Quicktime Movie
  243. Problem with homethumb in wordpress
  244. Veoh Player Changes Needed
  245. Video sharing website scripts
  246. Resolved Re: Regarding FFMpeg
  247. need help with file sizing issue please
  248. How do i start as a freelance graphics designer?
  249. Extracting colour schemes
  250. Embedding Video Player for content