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  1. what are the real utilities of xml?
  2. using xml to create both html and wml
  3. XML structure
  4. xml files using as databases
  5. XSLT: Selecting elements by length of content text?
  6. linefeeds and tabs in XML
  7. Best XML Book?
  8. Filling a textbox with an xsl stylesheet
  9. Image Thumbnail viewer and XML/XSL
  10. SVG: drag and drop
  11. Xml, Xsl, Xslt
  12. Dynamic Calender / Schedule page - need help
  13. Parsing only part of a page?
  14. Is it possible...
  15. w3 validator on line
  16. xml.Send for Transparent Database Engine
  17. MathML Formatting Problems
  18. XML and xsql
  19. xml output using xsql
  20. XHTML 1.0 2e is out
  21. xhtml & scrollTop
  22. Xhtml 2.0!
  23. simple queston on DTD
  24. how to select xml node using data containts single quote
  25. Why won't the JS work when called from XSLT?
  26. XML Database Question
  27. Creating a Database with XML
  28. How to put a space character with xsl
  29. Basic Question
  30. Xml?
  31. A General Question about xsl and xml
  32. xmlHttp / ASP / XSL
  33. Retrieve from MS Access database - insert into XML database
  34. Displaying XML attribute using XSL
  35. Importing External XML Files
  36. Modifying an XML file on a desktop
  37. Cross Browser XML Parsing...
  38. Creating SQL statements with XSL
  39. linking to an external CSS file
  40. really new on XML
  41. SQL Server to Data Island
  42. XML parser for C?
  43. display records in certain number of rows.
  44. xml saving to a file?
  45. XML and PHP
  46. Clientside XML
  47. Msxml2?
  48. XML and CSS
  49. How to display the same XML file with different XSLT?
  50. XSL to link to different XML
  51. how to display xml document without using alert("")
  52. Links with XSL
  53. Any other way to update and edit an xmltree through html form inputs?
  54. Serious Guy needed XML/ XSL help with ASP
  55. Editing Processing Line ????
  56. Svg?
  57. Store data using XML ???
  58. Question that needs answerin
  59. Need Help in writing img files to xml !!!
  60. browsing for an image file and store it in the xml file ??
  61. xml/asp
  62. Transform Dublin Core date using XSL
  63. Modifying Processing Line Done, but wrong way
  64. saving xml file under different file names in c:/ using asp??
  65. XML to store data but wheres the data come from?
  66. saving changes to XML file using XMLDOM
  67. help
  68. Need help with XSLT and element vs. attribute decisions.
  69. Extracting data using javascript...
  70. Non-SGML Character with XHTML?
  71. how do create both image/text link in xsl..??
  72. display xml help.
  73. should I use XML?
  74. HLink or XLink?
  75. Wireless Question...
  76. How to have only 1 XML linking to multiple XSL
  77. Linking flash & images
  78. Apache server trying to integrate XML?
  79. How Can I Open a Link in a New Window in XHTML- Strict?
  80. Can i insert flash or an image in an XML file?
  81. can a DTD specify that an element must contain data, or not exist at all
  82. DOM Problems
  83. wat iz xml n e wayz
  84. taking XML data via raw HTML?
  85. XSLT to emulate DOM Node.cloneNode(true)?
  86. xhtml frames
  87. XHTML Capabilities?
  88. how to display xml via netscape
  89. Better Coding
  90. Native SVG support??
  91. help please
  92. XHTML Tutorials?
  93. populate a drop down from another xml file
  94. XSL question
  95. XLink Support
  96. short example of send an sms via vb ?
  97. Using DOM to grab images & flash from xml file?
  98. xml data feed to html??
  99. Submit new info by using XML
  100. Displaying from other sites
  101. Table attribute
  102. new to xml
  103. Table Attribute II
  104. Vml
  105. About XSLT and XML
  106. for each take only the first one
  107. xml ?????
  108. About Script inside XSL
  109. About Sum Method in XSL
  110. Appending a Child
  111. Xml / Xsl
  112. Why is this not valid ?
  113. No, why is THIS not valid
  114. position() = 1
  115. Reading the values of XML tag attributes
  116. Svg Variables
  117. Passing variables via link to xml/xsl.
  118. XML, XHTML, PDFs, and PHP (oh my!)
  119. any xml and asp expert here?
  120. XSLT: Determing Odd or Even node count
  121. Embedding a couple XHTML dtd modulars in my DTD
  122. XSLT: Formatting looping list
  123. more than one param
  124. linking XML to its schema
  125. Not valid XHTML because...why?
  126. XSLT XML params
  127. <div id="note{@style}">
  128. Urgent : How do you do this in WML???
  129. My own DTD for XHTML?
  130. Validating to XHTML 1.0 and Errors in NN 4
  131. DTD question
  132. I don't understand the interaction of xsl:for-each and xsl:value-of
  133. What is and where should XML be used?
  134. Problem using document.write() with XSL under Gecko
  135. Question about importing XML using DOM in Gecko vs. Internet Explorer
  136. Custom tags and attributes (sigh)
  137. MathML news -- including a book
  138. Validating XML
  139. data-binding:: scrolling though XML records howto ?
  140. searching xml
  141. Using <a href=""> in XSL
  142. Parsing help please...
  143. CSS definitions for XHTML elements
  144. create new xml string with xsl
  145. parser with php
  146. how to output new xml from existing xml with xsl
  147. xsl attribute value display
  148. how do I use a PUBLIC DTD?
  149. DTD or Schema?
  150. printing empty tags into javascript with XSLT
  151. Will pay 50 ($75) for XML help
  152. XML Parser - which do you use?
  153. How to fetch/data using Xpath & XSLT fm .xml file
  154. XHTML textfields in IE
  155. what is the best free xml/xsl editor ?
  156. convert xml/xsl-fo to postscript?
  157. Multiple DTD's?
  158. New to XML, Need help speeding this up.
  159. Combining JavaScript with Fop application
  160. can XSL have input criteria?
  161. Which threads should go to archive?
  162. complete newbie at xml, need direction.. :D
  163. XML Declaration Problem
  164. how to combine Behaviors and xsl
  165. Strange Mozilla behaviour?
  166. XBL for demonstrating an XML language?
  167. client side xml generation
  168. <xsl:value-of> problem in attributes
  169. Element grouping in DTD
  170. xml -> html -> pdf
  171. from xsl/xsl -->to real html file ?
  172. Advise on including hyperlinks in XML pages
  173. Printing attributes in html attributes
  174. JS function call as XSL output?
  175. How to Preserve WhiteSpace in XML?
  176. Amazon XML Web Services
  177. mozilla + document.write +xhtml
  178. Relax NG???
  179. XHTML Validation
  180. <xs:element name="date" type="xs:date"/>
  181. <xs:element name="date" type="xs:CDATA"/>
  182. metas and value of select
  183. XML Data Array Error
  184. xml,ie and mozilla
  185. can XSL escape?
  186. Value of select text
  187. xlink
  188. annotation/documentation
  189. Offline XML/XHTML validation
  190. How to embed binary data in XHTML pages?
  191. Center table in FOP
  192. Why can't I view XML in gecko
  193. XSL Help Needed
  194. What are "- -", "- o" and "oo"?
  195. Rss?
  196. Learning how to merge XSL and XML
  197. Validation of XML file
  198. <BR> in XML or XSL
  199. Xsl-fo
  200. some script help
  201. XML, XLS, XHTML, and my website.
  202. XSLT: Using the sum function
  203. Xhtml 1.1 Dtd
  204. how to write out an XML Document object
  205. creating XSL and chinese characters
  206. Formatting XML with CSS and Flash
  207. Valid href link?
  208. Problems making "real" XSL stylesheet and some more
  209. xsl not working
  210. password
  211. XSL-can't get all my data to appear
  212. Variable to tell script if a WAP phone is accessing...
  213. XML, ASP and Javascript - needs help
  214. XML, Javascript and HTML question
  215. Special Characters in XML
  216. XML and DTDs
  217. childNodes.childNodes.childNodes?
  218. Error: empty-xml-tag-nodesValue
  219. XHTML not getting validated
  220. XML and excel
  221. Accessing the XML file through JavaScript instead of an HTML script
  222. I can't make it correctly insert the information from the XML fields...
  223. Ie equivalent to XMLSerialize?
  224. whats different between xml and html?
  225. Images
  226. <ITEM id="206"> Read-out ID-value
  227. VB.NET form, ouputting info to XML file?
  228. choose which dtd?
  229. what does this tag mean?
  230. object flash
  231. what is the difference between XSL and XSLT
  232. How do I do XSLT on narrative-centric XML
  233. E-mail
  234. Save xml w/javascript?
  235. Changing XML > XHTML via PHP
  236. Deleting XML Records with PHP/ASP
  237. CSS style sheets in XML - Is it possible
  238. XML-file not found - warning
  239. XUL box model
  240. XSLT Grouping
  241. xml/xhtml as replacement to html
  242. Write to xml and save, js/local
  243. linking..
  244. How to serve XHTML as application/xhtml+xml
  245. "Tentative" Validation
  246. XPath problem!
  247. is .xslt a "file type"?
  248. Essential XML Course Proofer
  249. Format number of decimal places
  250. Unable to sort table (IE bug?)