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  26. Validating the <ABBR> tag
  27. XML Schema?
  28. Embedding XML in HTML, reading it with Javascript?
  29. Table via an xsl doc
  30. What does this error mean?
  31. XML Feed - Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on a non-object
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  35. Help with XSLT variables & for-each loop
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  38. XHTML Validating Problems
  39. New to XML - Please Help
  40. XML help (noob here)
  41. xsl:for-each
  42. Text Structure
  43. Invalid XML???
  44. Inserting video in XML file
  45. parse XML and DTD
  46. xsl:choose
  47. find value of 2nd attribute based on 1st
  48. Creating an XML file using data from an Ecommerce website...
  49. How to parse xml response not sure if right forum...
  50. Blank date export to excel fills cell with # symbols
  51. XML load but don't shows
  52. XSLT link interpretation
  53. xsl:when test help please
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  58. questions beginning WML/WMLScript
  59. good software to set up RSS?
  60. IE7 Error: documentElement = null or not and object
  61. Validating an xsd
  62. xml code for flv player - can't get flv files to open
  63. Need help with a simple schema
  64. Schema -- add maxlength to complexType
  65. xml from affiliatefuture.com
  66. Variables
  67. swf smilies
  68. Learning XML: Using data for simple calculations
  69. XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
  70. Putting an image source in XML
  71. XML News Sitemap Question?
  72. I donít get why RSS feeds and XML
  73. XHTML+RDFa
  74. google news feed xml error
  75. td background image "no attribute"
  76. Displaying XML Data on a web page
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  78. XPath select first child element
  79. Problems serving XHTML
  80. XML / PHP Problem
  81. Characters remove {í}
  82. data island + browser help
  83. Please help (tatal noob)
  84. Combing two Xpath queries
  85. xml newbie question - web development
  86. Counting children
  87. help with xml queries with x path
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  91. Javascript & XML Problem
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  93. XML Menu
  94. HTML + XML Simple Script
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  97. XML, XSL, and AJAX
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  99. xlink help
  100. Better / faster code
  101. Change Output order of XML document
  102. executing PHP within an XML document
  103. problems setting a variable in XML
  104. Xbrl
  105. Store value of an xml element from many xml into an array
  106. Reading RSS Files
  107. Displaying XML with either html or PHP
  108. New rule for XML forum
  109. HTML class kickin' me
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  111. loading xml into an html page
  112. Gap in site..not sure why..
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  114. Table not showing??
  115. Nesting of Elements?
  116. rtl in xml
  117. using XML data in a HTML page
  118. Resolved XML XSL value-of
  119. Resolved Grouping XSL Templates
  120. double line breaks in xslt csv export!!
  121. If I have a rss feed in csv I may use PHP to get it , well if the feed is in xml I mu
  122. Checking Well-Formedness
  123. W3C RDF/XML Validator
  124. How single XML doc correponds to multiple DOM tree?
  125. XHTML+RDFa
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  127. XHTML Basic 1.1
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  129. XML and Accessm 2003 Databases
  130. simple namespace question
  131. Javascript to parse XML File
  132. XPath and namespaces
  133. How do I make numbers able to sort in xml?
  134. Google XML Sitemap Problems
  135. audio won't play on initial opening of browser
  136. xml help
  137. wsdl help
  138. PHP DOM - XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
  139. php in xml i think
  140. How to display info from a xml in a html after searching
  141. Open to Suggestions
  142. Need to easily convert a rss feed to a xml feed
  143. XSL Param or Attribute?
  144. Help with xml inside php script
  145. How to write xml data from client side.
  146. Excel Type in XML Schema?
  147. XML parsing error?
  148. XSL Stylesheet Help
  149. Dynamic Multi Level Menu
  150. XML Schema and Math
  151. xml.load() in safari 3
  152. Importing only elements with a certain attribute
  153. itereate REF name
  154. inside form element,form.submit in xsl not working
  155. Remove TAG XML in PHP
  156. SVG rendering problem (Firefox)
  157. What is wrong with my dtd code?
  158. Please help: Two errors that I can't seem to fix!!!
  159. xhtml problem running script
  160. what is worng with this code
  161. XML Background Resolution.
  162. xquery doc() function
  163. XSLT help
  164. XML document is ignoring stylesheet
  165. Resolved Brand new to RSS Document
  166. Should I use a table or XML for not-necessarily tabular data?
  167. open RSS feed in xml format
  168. indeed.com job roll wont work in blog post.
  169. XML Help
  170. XML Adding nodes with a context menu / edit node names
  171. Need help finding a copy of Liquid XML Studio Freeware version 2008
  172. help needed for simple code in Adobe forms
  173. Resolved inserting xml values into databse
  174. remote vs local xml on browser
  175. xmlDoc help, looping through and displaying all items?
  176. XSLT Decision making
  177. remove spaces in between strings
  178. which doc type?
  179. cPanel XML API and PHP...
  180. xml help please
  181. insertion and search into a xml file(javascript)
  182. Xpath "OR" Question
  183. RSS formatting
  184. Translating Xpath Output to String
  185. Need some urgent help to parse this XML
  186. unable to parse an xml hosted on a separate server
  187. write the relative location for 2 elements with same name
  188. help 'Undefined root element'
  189. Help with substring-before
  190. compare more than two strings
  191. XLM help with website
  192. please help with validating my xml file.
  193. XSL - Trouble with specific item
  194. xsl:for-each loop problem
  195. plese give the answer
  196. XML links
  197. current-dateTime() not working
  198. help with changing font color through xml
  199. XML restrictions
  200. XHTML - Help with code correction please
  201. XML Restriction Problem
  202. XML/SWF Graphs
  203. Styling RSS feeds?
  204. XSL values not displaying
  205. Need help with creating XSL stylesheet for SensorML document
  206. xml links open in new window - simple?
  207. xml xslt and css works in ie8 only...
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  213. Blog template problem - "... is null or not an object"
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  215. URL Path in XML
  216. Clickable Sort Links
  217. Very basic XML/XSLT problem
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  219. Is it possible to do this?
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  223. Showing XML Data
  224. Help Me Fix My RSS Feed
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  228. zip files
  229. Style/code an RSS file?
  230. weird issue(for me (: )
  231. Help with Blogger Code
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  233. How to pass HTML within XML Tags
  234. Atom ID
  235. Blogger API, insert post issue
  236. AA3 Server Monitor
  237. XSL And Questions
  238. Newbie: XSLT Question - Xsl:if and xsl:for-each-group
  239. Recommended RSS editor/creator
  240. number/pound sign in XML through dynamic ColdFusion?
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  242. Need Help
  243. New to XML - Nesting?
  244. Need help with XML for personal site
  245. Merging two xml files into a third one
  246. My first (very simple) attempt at learning XML
  247. xml .net newbie
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