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  42. styles
  43. XML Contact Form
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  46. how get attribute value from xml
  47. how get attribute value from xml
  48. XML FormatText statement
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  67. Blogspot XML Template Q
  68. XML Blogspot Template Help!
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  70. Are there any XML standards?
  71. XML beginner. Help for a code
  72. change SVG fill color with CSS when embedded as background image
  73. XML with if's , would this work?
  74. VC++ & XML skeleton and tools pleasant request
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  76. XML ideas
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  84. Trying to not have hardcoded details
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  86. XQuery and XPath query to select only certain text depending on string
  87. Form for XML data
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  94. Schema in XSL
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  105. I Need a bit of an explination
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  111. XML Service Request
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  113. Learning Google Glass
  114. Please help OSXML to xml conversion
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  133. noob question on current user
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  135. Build Error
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  137. Checkbox
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  139. Need help please
  140. coding & wordpress
  141. XML Declaration in SVG
  142. XAML/XML, I don't understand the advice I've been given on xmlns + inheritance.
  143. Simple text editor that would hide code and only allow edits on the text content
  144. XSD for an attribute with a value. (So new I am not even sure of the right question.)
  145. Auto Lock Screen Code WP 8.1
  146. Please clarify this point about XML namespace prefix usage.
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  148. RSS Feed problem
  149. XPATH / XQUERY implementation
  150. Nested for-each statements?
  151. xquery
  152. xmlhttprequest issue
  153. What is wrong with the following XML?
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  159. Multiplication 5% increase
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  165. feedback
  166. having trouble with XSL, can any one give me some advice?
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  182. Help, please!
  183. New to programming
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  190. i would like to automatically generate a xml file for each set of xls
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  197. XML API Calls
  198. Alter Existing Data Element for an Export?
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  203. Loop
  204. What limits does XML have with UTF-8 in Android Studio?
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  210. help with dtd please
  211. Want to Create XML Sitemap for My Web Littletreehouseapps.com
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  217. What is the best Editor for XML ?
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  222. Rename all nodes
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  228. Land Surveyor's XML Code Library
  229. Please help with external DTD
  230. XHTML - ItemProp
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  238. adds only the last product
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  241. Only getting blank screen
  242. XML parsing
  243. SimpleXMLReader not working properly
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