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  1. Somewhat new to the subject but eager to learn Electronics Techie here
  2. The top 5 live chat application for website
  3. A C programm to call an assembly function
  4. Box-Muller: Python, R or Matlab
  5. Careers for programmers.
  6. C++ loops and questions
  7. Beginning Programming
  8. Problem in C....PLEASE HELP!!!!
  9. Software for car ECM or PCM?
  10. How to do Real time Monitoring of an API feed and call a function on an event?
  11. Need a suggested solution for creating PDF files from a template
  12. VB 6 final assignemnt NEED HELP!!!
  13. Could I ask a favour from programmers?
  14. Allegro Sprite Collison (Please Help!)
  15. Search some Coder ill pay in Paypal
  16. What kind of coding is this?
  17. Computing Controlled Assessment
  18. Advice for website needed
  19. Controlled assessment help
  20. controlled assessment help
  21. Comparing High level programming languages to block programming environments.
  22. Block programming vs High level programming
  23. CA: High level programming languages V Block programming environments
  25. Which do you tend to use when writing simple code; block programming or high level pr
  26. Top 10 of the most profitable programming skills
  27. Desktop versus Laptop PC for Programming
  28. Getting values from two separate CSVs for manipulating charts?
  29. Need help with this code!!
  30. Debugging C++ code(Displaying char string per character)
  31. Knuth's subtractive random number generator. Which variables can be changed?
  32. Beginner Coder with Class Project
  33. Basic Programming Help!!
  34. Where the #@$% do i even start? <--- Absolute Beginner to Programming
  35. VoIP PBX development issues in C#
  36. Adding features to PRNG
  37. VB Program constantly crashing - VB
  38. Laptop dying :(
  39. Programming Help - Question from coding from scratch
  40. Drawing not updated when there is a conditional in the code
  41. Guidance for a school assignment (Visual Basic)
  42. C# Cross-windows compiling on VS2012 and CSC .NET4 Compiler
  43. Python Entire Course - Videos
  44. Harposcript
  45. [Visual Basic 2013 Express] Trouble Converting string to int
  46. I'm making a programming language
  47. Windows Server 2012 Mime Type
  48. Question to everybody that started with zero Javascript knowledge
  49. #VB ---- "Add to Cart" problem.
  50. ITAG Hackathon - Programming Competition
  51. Automating cvs input
  52. New to programming. Also, totally lost.
  53. suggetion
  54. Best coding language for games?
  55. Recursion problem - Cambridge (International) question and answer I don't get
  56. im thinking of making a FPS with java
  57. Sounds In Python TKinter Program: "Focus" Control Between External Program Windows
  58. Need Opinion on Coding Language to choose
  59. Coding for data entry,accounting, maintenance of accounts.etc Which language?
  60. Looking for direction in how to approach my app idea
  61. Need help with Csharp programming error.
  62. Developing .NET obfuscator (free). Looking for feedback.
  63. Tracing Fortran Programme
  64. Help with C++ syntax analyzer program
  65. give yourself the C test
  66. My own tutorial series!
  67. programming language best to built website?
  68. Programming homework code don't work C#
  69. Rename PDF extracted Pages File from a Single Booklet PDF in correct sequence
  70. Implementation of three stacks using an array
  71. Search for word in file using C
  72. How to go beyond the basics and exercises?
  73. question on simple c++ program & help for choosing a programming language
  74. How to build a windows process analysis program?
  75. Real-world applications that use heap, treap & disjoint sets
  76. How To Copy An Array Using Pointers
  77. Programming language for video processing
  78. "Live Widget" service, test it now.
  79. Sorting Array Elements In Ascending Sequence
  80. Newbie Doesnt know where to start.
  81. iAd Help!
  82. old methodology?
  83. Tester needed for cross-platform application
  84. The best country to live for software engineers - interesting rankings
  85. bash syntax
  86. Run loop in a body for different files
  87. C
  88. is the mainwindow.xaml a class in c# please need help in 5minutes or less!
  89. Programming Projects
  90. Help with Hello World and C compiler
  91. What program language would be best for an online chat interface?
  92. I need some coding help on making a keyboard event
  93. Help on Queens program?
  94. Which Language Would Be Best For A 2D Platformer?
  95. Help with Visual Studio 2012 coding
  96. Need help creating an algorithm for code generation
  97. Did I understand the concept well? If not any suggestions?
  98. Amount of even numbers in a number line
  99. how to make auto installer plugin??
  100. What programming language do I require?
  101. How to make data searching bots that register information
  102. How can I add multiple blank lines in a text file?
  103. NSIS installer is detected as a false positive by Mcafee
  104. Automatically press a key when changes occur
  105. Can the (open/launch) Splash Graphic of an Open Source App be replaced?
  106. Delete method not deleting
  107. student research
  108. How to return 3 values / copying array value
  109. Any ideas how ro program TSP using Genetic Algorithms?
  110. Anyone who will help about Perl assignment?
  111. Help with Tic Tac Toe
  112. Emulating a vehicles ECU, I need help. $50 payout if someone can do it.
  113. helping with code in FLEX (for compilation course-urgent!)
  114. Homework Assignment: Interview With a Computer Programmer
  115. help me with this qbasic
  116. LED flashing
  117. Pointers and Images c++
  118. New and Need help
  119. How do I pass by reference correctly?
  120. What programming languages can use to develop (iOS) applications?
  121. Brand new to coding
  122. Winsock library and network programming
  123. Somebody Please Help.
  124. java game development
  125. Java tests online
  126. Insertion with Dynamic Linked Lists
  127. Globally Declared Arrays Help?
  128. Unable to modify the pointer passed to a 'C' function. When returned, value disappear
  129. making a cross-application with C++
  130. Getting Average of Multidimensional Array
  131. Visual Basic Studios TTS
  132. Photo Mosaic with C++, Memory Error replacing pixels
  133. Formatting Question.
  134. Need help with my python program
  135. axAcroPDF Active-X docs
  136. Print screen on first two clicks in vba powerpoint
  137. travel salesmen problem in c++
  138. new to programming and need some help
  139. Using SetWindowLong for FixedSingle Border
  140. virtual trial room
  141. Creating event dynamically
  142. UML: initate/call another activity diagram within activity diagram
  143. Python or C++ Coding Trader
  144. Insert 5 Blank Lines Every 40th
  145. Platform independent programming (Not PIL)
  146. Extending your screen to your mobile device's screen
  147. Question about Java or Python
  148. python pandas code help
  149. R analysis
  150. Lock program in minimized mode. Is there such thing? Can you make it if I pay?
  151. Application that can pass values to two separate stand-alone applications
  152. Any specific thread about advices,Programming languages usage,etc
  153. Python octo mapreduce
  154. Help program not working
  155. SQL Connection String User Id and Password
  156. C++ program has weird display bug
  157. Learning Reflection
  158. Prevent enter press on multiline edit control
  159. Need aid for "Senior Project" in Highschool
  160. Doing CRUD with C# and SQL best ways do to do and display data
  161. Just Trying to Change One Thing
  162. Need some help in coding a calculator in C.
  163. How to Change/Set the Connection IP
  164. 2 database tables, 1 combo box select field to populate datagridview
  165. Help with my twitter bot.
  166. How do I create auto complete list in VB or Visual Studio?
  167. requesting a logic for mask calculation
  168. Creating a simple program in C which just show 2 images
  169. Windows Start Up Kill Processes
  170. how to desing Program for Zero knowldge in programming?
  171. A little help on making a simple calculator
  172. [Excel] Sudoku game using MACROS/VB
  173. Box ticking program
  174. Matlab Image Comparison project
  175. Alternative to MSDN for Microsoft documentation
  176. How do I edit a project template used in Visual Studio?
  177. Code a time calculator
  178. How do I solve issues with adding Tabbed Control with Expression Blend 3?
  179. Working on a DivCon problem...
  180. Force open a program when exited?
  181. Please help guide - Trying to create a clear path... (Appreciate all feedback)
  182. Static abstract members
  183. Quick question about Coding project for class.
  184. Need help changing a value in an application
  185. Downloading information from web in mobile app.
  186. File Extension Changer needed
  187. Is this possible?
  188. Visual Basic
  189. Android Apps
  190. Python programming assignment.
  191. Need someone to look over my code
  192. Python Budget Analysis Code Issue
  193. New and need some clarification
  194. Again, I need help with one more thing about Pseudocode and Flowcharts
  195. Any IoT programmers/engineers that could help us with short survey?
  196. New to C++(and coding in general) String help
  197. Android Studio
  198. BOCES Senior Project: C++ Coding a Virus
  199. Need assitance.?
  200. [C] Can't get strings to print when using for loop. Please help!
  201. I need help with some XML coding
  202. Why can't BiS be used in TS problem ?
  203. Create tree from a doubly linked list??
  204. draw a line with open gl mouse function using dda/bresenham algorithm
  205. What program to use to change targets in this game?
  206. Need someone help with programming
  207. How To Modify Program Of Stock Card Report In SAP Tcode = S P00 07000139
  208. python programmers
  209. IDE's for Linux
  210. Customised report card making software (high school reports)
  211. Pattern display
  212. Command line arguments
  213. Database's/CRM Software Development Help
  214. C# - How can I extract an image from a website using HtmlAgilityPack and XPath?
  215. Unix timestamp converter
  216. TightVNC compile error with vs2013
  217. What may be the best way to scrape title tags from large websites?
  218. C++ desktop sharing application
  219. Khan Academy coding: NEED HELP PLEASE!
  220. C++ desktop sharing
  221. Errors in my compiler I don't understand.
  222. c++ combining data out of two .txt
  223. Java Applet file
  224. Khan Academy: Computer Programing - JavaScript & ProcessingJS (Support Mobile CODING!
  225. [C++] Largest value per index of an array?
  226. Address book exercise
  227. Printing problems with "FOR" :(
  228. Help Needed to decide what coding language to learn!
  229. Assign text to a text box in C++
  230. Need help to create splash screen in blend for visual studio
  231. I've compiled a list of key CS theories explained in layman's terms
  232. desktop sharing application using c++
  233. Problem with Copy Constructor C++
  234. Where should I start go?
  235. Help with cheaters
  236. Need help writing program
  237. Visual Logic Flowchart Help
  238. Need advice for a travel laptop
  239. Is Computer Programming right for me?
  240. A little trouble with my C++
  241. Help with C program
  242. Problem with a Python Shop Program that I'm Working on
  243. Programming questions (need help )
  244. What kind of java is used in android studio
  245. vba excel macros questions
  246. Replace Every 5th Character Of The Input
  247. Eclipse doesn't recognize stuff?
  248. What language should i use?
  249. Interested in learning C#?
  250. [Help!] Programming Java Bridge for Twitch.tv??