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  1. where to start? Noob!
  2. Help With Simple C Program
  3. VB.NET > Read Pointer from Memory
  4. error - missing required architecture in i386?!- using xcode 4
  5. Resolved C++ Please Help MEe
  6. OOP help
  7. C# Byte array to String
  8. C Programming Switch Help
  9. Running multiple threads in C++
  10. CRC24Q implementation
  11. Trying to convert PDF to Excel
  12. What's inspired me to learn how to code
  13. Algorithm Timing
  14. [VB2010] Email addresses from datagridview to textbox
  15. MySQL ad PHP tutorial books
  16. Basics
  17. Help working with classes
  18. TextBlock wrapping of text in Silverlight XAML file.
  19. Automatic Fax sorting
  20. Help With Visual Basic Coding Issue
  21. Programming tools
  22. [C++] Program makes random connections
  23. Need help bad!
  24. I have a question about Silverlight on the Client Side.
  25. Need Programmer to Interview
  26. New member
  27. Remove paragraph spacing / line spacing in CString
  28. Assembly Noob
  29. executable file to copy TS3 program files
  30. Final Year Project university
  31. Make it so browser auto-redirects?
  32. Visual basic Help
  33. vc++ help to update / insert access DB
  34. Help in a project
  35. C++ coding competition?!
  36. How do I get a dattime format in C# that will look like this:
  37. Assembly beginner help
  38. Arithmetic Operation Problem
  39. Delphi Issues
  40. Strange Runtime Error
  41. How connect the network in the tablet?
  42. Automating programs using C#
  43. Red face copy rows on cell based value and condtionaly paste it to other column
  44. Auto hot key help
  45. Can I get some usability advice?
  46. What is the meaning of /** comments?
  47. Matching of two regular expressions.[C++]
  48. Help with code output please!!
  49. Arrays
  50. Delphi calc code need help
  51. Hash Table with Simple record in files in C
  52. Simple C functions. Need help
  53. Need help!!
  54. Does this look like good design, or wasteful?
  55. How can I put individual Graphics in Datagrid Cells?
  56. Please Help With Testing! Will Pay
  57. A mix of StumbleUpon and Paypal?
  58. delete rows not matching certain criteria
  59. entry into computer programing
  60. What can I do for improvement?
  61. Terminating a while loop with the letter q
  62. MATLAB (or other) coding for image processing....
  63. Need Java help about hamming code error checking program?
  64. Need help with python control structures.
  65. File Handling problem in c
  66. VC++ code to extract Google PR, alexa rank and compete rank
  67. Nasm Assembly Help needed
  68. DO loop orinting sentence twice instead of once in C
  69. VB 2010 - Need to add hours to a timer for a Microwave project
  70. new to programming help needed thank you
  71. Random number not randomizing in while loop
  72. Resolved Vb 2010 bug?
  73. WIN32 Console Application - Complicated Math - Need Help
  74. How to download from a list of links - Need help
  75. Form filling the web brower app of VC++
  76. Program to find largest of three numbers without using comparsion operator?
  77. Looking For An Application??
  78. Unexpected NAN error (C language)
  79. Python-ignore nan in median? scipy.stats?
  80. Development Project: Proposal Generator / Compiler
  81. How can I refresh the default browser page?
  82. Connect database from vc++ windows form application?
  83. CVS version/tag/branch
  84. Creating a Box in C
  85. Classes and Strings
  86. C# Problem with my controller and Form
  87. Making a Database program?
  88. Printing Charts from a file
  89. C++ to run on Apple MAc Computer
  90. Help with simple .vbs script. Close then re-open IE.
  91. downloading a compiler for c++
  92. Problem with Snake game ..snake movement
  93. General User Control Question
  94. Find the fixed point of an array ...i.e return i if a[i]=i..
  95. I work for a major bank. Interested in developing a macro type program.
  96. how to start making a kernel
  97. c++ abstract and
  98. Compiling,,, no go
  99. server specs
  100. how to stop text from blinking in console ??
  101. Java string replacement
  102. Execution of python code on a remote server with C#
  103. Why is it always zero?
  104. Unexpected output with Pascal
  105. C/C++: Bit setting procedure?
  106. Implementigs softphone in C#
  107. [PASCAL] Finding min and max within an array
  108. Resolved C# escape \n\t issue
  109. python program problem
  110. c++ for Xcode in MACS/ appe
  111. C++ problems in Xcode
  112. year calculation not outputting
  113. Trie Trees
  114. i need help.
  115. tic tac toe
  116. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! (Discrete A/D Converter)
  117. Visual basic Help
  118. 2D Game engine allows for terrain destruction
  119. MAX 7219 help
  120. C programming Help
  121. c++ help array's and files
  122. I'm a noob, and I want to learn
  123. Paying 20-30 If someone will code this for me!!!
  124. Problem in my C++ class
  125. Python selection sort; i am trying to do this using recursion
  126. Cracking my lost password
  127. UIL Solving Exp, Cos, Sin, and Tan functions (Taylor Series)
  128. Help With Simple Game
  129. help in rook movement in chess
  130. Which Platform is Best???
  131. Please explain some programming terminology
  132. MATLAB code to display prime numbers?
  133. Fortran Programming Help
  134. What is the general idea of Agile Software Development?
  135. Certification help?
  136. Problem with "getopt" in Linux (GCC)
  137. C using fread to read an unknown amount of data
  138. Search help
  139. Understanding C++: What am I doing wrong?
  140. Looking for developers to help in free and opensource project
  141. TicTacToe Board In Python
  142. C - calculate avg of an array - what am I doing wrong?
  143. Natural Language Processing
  144. array 5*5
  145. A theory of grammar that could produce a linguistically competent machine
  146. Building a chat interface
  147. Couple questions on efficiency/best practices....
  148. C && Basics
  149. how to create a PROGRAM?????
  150. Decompile
  151. c++ replay implementation of my problem
  152. Blurness of pixel
  153. Help need basic coder
  154. How to stop the loop when user enter negative number?
  155. VB SendKeys and DropDown Lists
  156. Help! C# [CODE]
  157. Error: cannot convert `std::string' to `int' in initialization
  158. Project with login form at the beginning in Visual C#
  159. hey im new and know nothing :D
  160. R2D2 program
  161. Which should I learn? Visual C# or Visual Basic ?
  162. Help!!!
  163. Question reguarding C# [CODE]
  164. Need help with finding the best type of tools for C#
  165. What is/can be created with C#?
  166. What Eclpse program to download for java?!
  167. Merry X-max + please help me w/ C#
  168. Menu, how to put calculation in there
  169. C++ - Adding a file to project
  170. To call file
  171. Collabortion Software
  172. A custom app. I require help on please
  173. fibonachi seri
  174. Help me Convert this WPF to Silverlight
  175. Python Coding Central
  176. Dr.Scheme little program problem. Please help.
  177. The Use Of %D In C Programming
  178. The Tired Prime Number Program, but different.
  179. Which languages would I need to focus on?
  180. [Project] Python Poker Bot
  181. Resolved Could someone please explain what return 0 means in English?
  182. C# assistance
  183. C++ Switching between debug and Release
  184. What kind of laptop is best for programming?
  185. LZ78 using tree C implementation?
  186. The Difference Between a Literal and Symbolic Constant in C?
  187. What to do...
  188. Is it even possible to do this
  189. R Language Help
  190. Need a little VB help
  191. How do you set a default size of a control that you can resize?
  192. [ask] running/closing app using vbscript?
  193. PHP Developers help please
  194. How can i make a msgbox appear when the user closes the program.
  195. the program of towe of hanoi
  196. C# beginner having trouble
  197. Upcoming lecture by the inventor of BASIC
  198. Java searcher program CHALLANGE
  199. Need help on Visual Basic Coding
  200. Urgent Help needed with implement a method in a loop
  201. abc formule c++ code
  202. Question about python function., about ""-marks
  203. using class in C++
  204. Why wont this input-output code work in C
  205. Library for a C GUI
  206. C# - Can this be done?
  207. What software is used to record interaction with the my computer?
  208. How to explode integer?
  209. Power Function
  210. Bubble sorting try
  211. Real quick VB code needed
  212. Selection Sort program error
  213. C#: How do I convert a character into ascii code, and then back into a character?
  214. need help
  215. search for a string in a file in c#
  216. Control not appearing
  217. VB AppActivate Windows Media Player
  218. An equation for language acquisition
  219. [C#]Windows Copy/Move form
  220. C++ issues
  221. GUI for C++
  222. Resolved How to make program look cooler than Command Prompt?
  223. Need help in VB
  224. C++ Letters to Number
  225. 20 minute crash course reviewing the essentials of computer programming
  226. Need HELP to understand these characters!
  227. Convert JScript To VBScript
  228. Best compiler
  229. What does it take?
  230. [x86-assembler] readout program counter
  231. Lazy load solution (good article)
  232. pointer
  233. putting an nlp algorithm into code
  234. (C#)Is this even remotely possible?
  235. How do I test for multiple conditions in Python
  236. Sequence Diagrams? to then make a Multi layer
  237. Template Class Question
  238. String extraction from file using regular expression
  239. C++ (boolean)? do if true : do if false;
  240. Confused about C Lang. Prog.
  241. Embedding SQL and HTML on C# or Java App
  242. SendKeys With A URL in VBA
  243. c programming (triangles)
  244. "Ping" command in C?
  245. MassIggy
  246. Batch File To Read And Modify Text File
  247. Resolved On pictureBox click && Cntrl + V pressed?
  248. Is it really realistic to learn computter programming on your own
  249. Problems with Leap Year check
  250. I want to make Blue of RGB 0.