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  1. writing and appending to file lots of times takes to long how to improve ?
  2. Creating an undeletable file on Flash Disk
  3. Looking for free win32 gui (resource) editor
  4. sorting data saved as text in an access database
  5. MySQL++
  6. Looking for free c++ simple profiler
  7. is it possible to convert the access database e,g abc.mdb into the mysql tables
  8. manipulating text in visual foxpro
  9. Cron Expression
  10. C# and WPF
  11. Finding the computer model
  12. How does scanf works?
  13. Need someone to double check a script
  14. C Structure Arrays
  15. Data extract
  16. C# MySQL and Datagrids...
  17. C++ So odd problem with connection from Form1 "is not namespace name... "
  18. Find out if something is inside a given area.
  19. Mencoder for linux
  20. C loop, giving me trouble !! Can anyone help..?
  21. wysiwyg program maker?
  22. M$ Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  23. I need some help making a program...
  24. new to the forum, need homework help :).
  25. VB Code To Update An Entry Based Upon # of Copies
  26. C - trying to dynamically allocate an array of structs...
  27. Binary Tree Help (c Lang)
  28. some vb help needed (6.0)
  29. Conflicting types in array function declaration
  30. Printing from array function
  31. Help on template function in C++
  32. Simple parsing script help
  33. Editor to remotely manage C++ code
  34. Making a .jar file
  35. how to print only N numbers of string
  36. Learning C
  37. .vbs script help- compare parent/child folders, move up & delete if identical names
  38. c# simple combobox
  39. REG ADD with a .bat
  40. C - GNU regex library---trouble matching subgroups
  41. What are manifest types? [solved]
  42. Where to start application coding
  43. MS types to standard types
  44. C Parsing
  45. C# Pulling Process ID
  46. [looking for] Dll Web host
  47. Video game programming
  48. interface help for touchscreen till to online db.
  49. Using malloc to dynamically increase the size of an array in C
  50. Restrict the download of a file to once per IP address.
  51. C Compiler
  52. c++ stringstream
  53. C Question
  54. eVB for Pocket PC
  55. teleporters
  56. Where do I begin
  57. How to UNDO last in VB.Net
  58. Decent book to teach video game programming...
  59. challenging to program?
  60. Is there something like this in c++?
  61. Automatically send an email from Outlook
  62. C arrays and pointers etc. Help!
  63. Understanding C++ References (&)
  64. Can I improve my code?
  65. Programming Help
  66. looking for embedded DB other then sqlite
  67. Batch File (.bat) Coding
  68. How to enter a line of data in C?
  69. domain check ?
  70. How can I make a hash table for my sequences?
  71. Populating an array of dates with a start and an end date. VB.NET 2008
  72. Hashtables
  73. Question
  74. Gui Programming in C++?
  75. get a coder websites
  76. Possibly need help with vbscript
  77. Hello!
  78. How does p2p network works (how client find other client in the network)
  79. Good Beginners Program
  80. what language to use for application?
  81. VBA: Newbie question
  82. How to extern #DEFINE?
  83. Programming Problems Site
  84. Excel and Vbasic and Replace
  85. Need help: Results of a 4 Pass Radix sort only partially sorted.
  86. Sites like http://wabwosoft.com that provide EURO SOFTWARES are legitimate ?
  87. c++ -- returning an array from function
  88. Online fantasy sport
  89. Making a browser without the internet browsing
  90. Connecting C#.net app to sql
  91. Vb help
  92. Resolved Custom Message Box Icons?
  93. C++ coding help -- Having issues with an if/else statement
  94. Resolved Official C++ website
  95. Where to start?
  96. Excel Consolidation with an App.
  97. VC# - Windows Media Player and Paint
  98. Resolved Filling a string with memcpy...
  99. Game Controller Programming...
  100. How do I make a "Save as" in MS Visual Basic?
  101. OpenSSL sign
  102. video storage
  103. Fiind a window name from its handle
  104. Clipboard Edit
  105. VS2005 Problem fails with "No symbols loaded"
  106. MASM Code
  107. Need Help: C++ incriments in a for loop
  108. Windows Styles
  109. Hello all i don't know if such thing exist but im looking for some kind of IE toolba
  110. Windows.h API C
  111. virtual sound card?
  112. Can you compile with this code?
  113. Parsing INF files
  114. is there any online. web based c compiler /
  115. Provide for you about Develop Adobe flex
  116. Learning Basic Programming, need some help
  117. c++ void returning vs other kinds
  118. project
  119. Execute code from a text file? (C/C++/Assembly)
  120. Binary Search
  121. How to build an operating system
  122. need some help with clicking a button to make the text align change
  123. Run a Command upon an OK Click
  124. Regex for VC++ 2008 to detect contents of href
  125. AES exchanging IVs
  126. what is the best method to sort strings in real time or off line ?
  127. C# Help
  128. VB script- NEED HELP!
  129. [C++] Need help with command line graphing
  130. MySQL in Netbeans
  131. Help needed with hex dump
  132. Question regarding sumation of floating point numbers
  133. [C++]2D Game programming?
  134. C#
  135. C---having problems with #define passed in by -D flag on gcc.
  136. WINWORD CONTROL in windows forms
  137. Looking for text matching algorithm /patterns
  138. Class prototype not recognized in class implementation
  139. Quick ODBC Question
  140. VB.net Tabbed browser + database
  141. Shell script problem
  142. Graphical User Interfaces
  143. put values from Batch to an another program
  144. Ubuntu Portrait Mode
  145. Help With Languages.
  146. stack implementation
  147. Development Language Help
  148. looking for Multithreaded pattern
  149. Assembly Language stack issue
  150. Closures retaining values.
  151. How to trigger a UAC popup if needed
  152. I am looking for a program that creates custom msi installation files
  153. XWindows Command Set
  154. C++ Key Press Check
  155. Roll My Own
  156. Envirommental variables everex
  157. How do you set a DateTimePicker back to todays date in c#?
  158. How do you get data from one form to a label in another form?
  159. C++ Code Help
  160. c# How to pass data from two forms to the last form (confirm form)?
  161. WebBrowser control (Win32 API)
  162. C \ Python interface
  163. Brightness
  164. moving between folders (boost::filesystem)
  165. zlib and visual studio 2005
  166. Loops
  167. C++ - Hexadecimal - OR
  168. delphi 6 NMFTP and TRY Exceptions
  169. problem with Reading and plotting data in VBA - excel application
  170. VB APP allow User to specify constraints on a chart
  171. [help needed]VB.Net distribution
  172. C++ compiler
  173. Fortran question?
  174. Can someone tell me...
  175. How do I learn?
  176. C++ Destructors Not Calling
  177. Help with encrypted code
  178. Some pointers for a newbie coder
  179. Duel Combo box with Iframe
  180. Merging two .Exe's in Windows
  181. Software Force 2.0.8 considered FORTRAN 2008 or...
  182. VB.NET - Splitting up a text file & Pattern Matching
  183. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime installer disappears?
  184. Pascal Tree pathway search help
  185. Total newb C++ problem..
  186. Ok new to C++ quick questions
  187. neural network
  188. Make hashsum on MBR (Master Boot Record)
  189. Best way to select a bounded random number.
  190. I need help with adding an item called "Keep on top" to explorer context menu, HELP?
  191. need help with c++ CODE PLEASE
  192. C Programming Project
  193. best skill set to re-enter programming?
  194. Best C++ IDE?
  195. calculating the average of given numbers.
  196. client- & server-side web apps
  197. .NET language platforms
  198. website server op sys's
  199. runtime errors.
  200. confused by modern terminology
  201. C# for web apps?
  202. asp.net, Visual Web Developer & client-side web development
  203. C++ Network integration
  204. managed applications
  205. distributed version control
  206. Explain Function Factorial()
  207. Resolved C++ keep keeping 4 digits
  208. delphi 7, is checkbox ticked?
  209. Microsoft certification
  210. honest opinion, please
  211. Access 3027 Error, but I can still add records
  212. How's this for an approach to a career in programming?
  213. consulting firms / temp agencies
  214. Signals to interrupt threads on Windows
  215. Save a file, need help with filename... plz help?
  216. Colored Output in C++
  217. c program of graphics
  218. processes created with fork
  219. file handling in c
  220. plz help error remove urgent
  221. VC# compile problem
  222. Implementing graphics into C++
  223. Multiple classes inheriting parent
  224. C++ Type Conversion
  225. Done the HTML part, need help with the C ++ part
  226. bit masking
  227. Question on DLL written in c++
  228. DLL packaging or bundling option
  229. Linux Semaphore
  230. Modular Programming - What's wrong w/my code?
  231. hi need help in 2 projects in c
  232. what's wrong with this code ??
  233. Dynamic link library Global data
  234. confused with echo effect
  235. What is the starting point for a person who wanna learn programing
  236. Windows .dll Versioning
  237. associates degree versus master's degree
  238. C++ Type Casting
  239. Batch file help
  240. VB Script
  241. C/++ Programming
  242. DLL static data
  243. C# dll
  244. C++ trying to add decimal places
  245. Resolved Batch file help needed
  246. Looking for help converting a .bat to .sh
  247. C++ Casting Help
  248. add keypress in a panel VB.net
  249. C++ Bubble Sort/Binary Search Help
  250. Change a desktop background using Batch?