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    Another Htaccess Question

    hello everyone nice to meetcha,

    Well I was reading the thread sever refreshing about the guy with the problem of updating a pdf file but everytime he visits he gets the old file.

    My problems is that I set up a password protected directory in Cpanel(X version). I would like everytime the person visited they will have to put in their username and password.
    When you first visit the site it asks you for the info. But if you leave and comeback it will take you straight through to the site without asking you for your user name and password again.
    I want it to ask it of them EVERYTIME.

    Whats the code for that Exactly?.... so I can copy and paste and slap it right in there. Please kind sirs and mams

    I know I'm gonna have a lot of htaccess questions. So please be gentle..This is only my first one.

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    Lots of good info about .htaccess here :

    Also the apache docs have good info on authentication

    afaik you will need to do some messing with sessions to do what you're trying to do. The password remains until the browser session resets (usually when you close the browser or are inactive for 20 minutes) Its a nice little feature of our web browsers for the convienience of the user, no-one likes having to put their password in constantly
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    What about Cookie control for not asking username and password next time ?


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