Ultimate goal:
Attempting to install XAMPP in order to update old phpBB 2.0 on php 5.0 (current host on php 7.0 with 6 databases) and then upgrade to current phpBB and migrate to wordpress without losing 12 years of forum postings.

XAMPP download seemed to be going just fine until...:
Clicked on "Go To Application" in XAMPP window
Browser (Firefox) opens to XAMPP welcome page
..... but no dashboard???
ran error code on terminal as per instructions from Welcome page (see results below)
clicking on "community forums" as per Welcome page instructions results in 404

System Software
Mac 10.11.6

Download procedure for XAMPP
Drop and drag into applications folder: ok
XAMPP window with General, Services, Network, Volumes, Log : ok
Local host port 80: enabled
Log: "XAMPP" stack successfully started
Green lights on Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD

terminal query results:

# tail -2 /opt/lampp/logs/error_log
[Wed May 15 18:57:02.540980 2019] [mpm_prefork:notice] [pid 903] AH00163: Apache/2.4.39 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.2r PHP/7.3.5 mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16.3 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Wed May 15 18:57:02.541055 2019] [core:notice] [pid 903] AH00094: Command line: '/opt/lampp/bin/httpd -E /opt/lampp/logs/error_log -D SSL -D PHP'
[email protected]:~#