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    How do I find and gain access to the /var/www directory in Ubuntu?

    I am new to programming. This entire time, I have been able to learn coding by using XAMPP on Windows. Now, I am trying to familiarize myself with Ubuntu Linux, and I watched a tutorial on how to install the LAMP package, with the Apache Server, PHP, and mySQL through the terminal.

    How do I gain access to this folder and open these items in a text editor or IDE for modifying or deletion? Also, I would like to visually just click on the folder without having to access the files through the terminal.
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    Possibly the simplest way is to create a link to a directory in your /home directory, this way you have file permissions to edit the files created as you will be the user*

    If you want to link to a folder called html (in your home directory) from /var/www

    sudo ln -sfn /home/USER/html /var/www
    Check to see if the files are served from /var/www/html though; and change the above bash script accordingly; as this is where the current server directory is located.

    *however: you might have problems editing files created in your php scripts as the user will become your server (probably www-data), which is a good trade off.

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    You should have a "File Cabinet" icon on your task bar which open a file explorer window so you can navigate to any folder/file just like your standard Windows explorer.


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