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    Multiple server names on one server possible?

    I have 50 websites hosted across 4 IPs on a Plesk Onyx server. However, all email addresses for the websites not hosted on the main server IP address are getting "rDNS doesn't match" errors when trying to email people. Obviously:

    name@site1.com hosted on returns name.server.net which rDNS gives back


    name@site24.com hosted on also returns name.server.net which rDNS gives back as
    name@site41.com hosted on also returns name.server.net which rDNS gives back as

    Can you give each IP address on a server it's own nameserver? How does everyone else get around this rDNS problem? I'm clearly not the only person with multiple IPs on a server. But I can't find an answer anywhere and I've been at this all day! (And that's after all day yesterday trying to sort the DKIM problems!!)

    Help, please?
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    My first idea would be a separate mail server that has the correct mx record. Then create postfix satellite systems on other machines to transfer outgoing mail to that server.
    Atleast it would work. Might not be the simplest/best way.

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    Unhappy possible

    yes this is posible that multipal server names in one server try virtual min in linux or ubuntu


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