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    Stupidly Easy FTP - Web Structure Answer Needed Please

    So I've dabbled with coding, but I've always used Wordpress for hosting.

    I'm now trying to upload files myself via FTP - however I can't get the homepage of my site to show my webpage.

    Please look at SITE EDITED AT A LATER DATE FOR SECURITY REASONS AS ADVISED BELOW - how do I make it so this shows my webpage and not index.html? The file is named correctly and I'm tried naming it putting quotes around - what am I missing?

    Thanks in advance.
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    First of all, for security reasons you should disable directory listing so it doesn’t even show this list. Bad people can do bad things if they find out what files you have on the server. And then apparently index.html is not set as default file to load if none is specified (or it always just shows the directory first unless you disable it). If you can’t edit the configuration file of the server (which you usually can’t if you’re on a shared server) then you can most likely override a few settings, including these, in an .htaccess file which is a simple text file in the web root directory. Read this section and the one below for settings relevant to your issue. Just copy and paste the relevant lines into your .htaccess file and reload the site to see the settings in effect.

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