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    Apache does not respond - firewall?


    I set up apache to listen on ports 80, 8080, 8008 (plus few others 8042 2420)

    I can access the apache sever via localhost, and via (and etc.) BUT only from my own machine!

    trying to access it via but from say and it times out!!!

    same timeout if I try to access it from external IP

    I set up port forwarding rules, and I do see these entries in the netgear log file, which seems to indicate that the traffic is forwarded to 10.0.03

    [LAN access from remote] from to Friday, Feb 25,2011 23:05:02
    [LAN access from remote] from to Friday, Feb 25,2011 23:04:54
    [LAN access from remote] from to Friday, Feb 25,2011 23:04:47

    so from this it seems that the ISP (Verizon DSL) is not blocking, and traffic does get to the WNR3500L router...

    apache does seem to listen on these ports:
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 14136/apache2
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 14136/apache2
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 14136/apache2

    which should be obvious, as it is accepting connection when I use the internal ip Yet only works when I am on the same local host. BUT not from anywhere else on my internal network...

    trying to access other random ports results in an immediate error message, probably since the router does not let these through. yet requests from outside the machine take a long time to timeout

    so it seems that there is some sort of firewall running on Ubuntu, but I was not able to find it :-(

    or is apache mis-configured??? though this does not make sense, as it is responding to localhost/ and from the same machine...

    any ideas?
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    Default Ubuntu configuration doesn't have any firewalls.I don't believe Apache is the problem here (if it responds, it is working). You should double check your network (router configuration, network configurations).I would first check your Ubuntu box for the IP it is configured to use:
    eth0 (or something like that sould have a correct ip address ( or whatever you said is your lan ip)

    Then I would ping Ubuntu box. First from another machine in the same network. If it works, I would try http requests (from Firefox). If it works, then Ubuntu box is responding correctly. I would then test connecting from internet. If it doesn't respond, you might have misconfigured your router (probably NAT or Firewall rules).

    You could also try traceroute (from inside of your network, to see which routers are on the way of your request).

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    Simple question. Did you restart Apache ? service httpd restart
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