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Thread: http to https

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    http to https

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but I have a website with a shopping cart on it and when you go to a cart page it will change HTTP to HTTPS. My issue is that if I then go back to other pages on the site, it stays as https://mysite.com/page.php and it does funny things with the page design because it is now referencing https instead of plain http. Is there a way to get it to revert back to http on all the pages that don't need to be secure?

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    Can you show us the page itself? When you say "if I go back to other pages" - are you manually pressing back with the browser button or are you clicking links on the current page?

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    Google recently announced that they would enable https, also known as encrypted, search for all logged in users that visit the main search engine google.com.

    Logged in users who load http://www.google.com/ are automatically redirected to https://www.google.com/. Encrypted search can be beneficial as it encrypts the traffic that is send to and received from Google. This means that no one in your computer network (e.g. admins, your boss, your ISP) can see what you are doing on the Google website. They still see that you are on Google, and will see the sites that you click on though.

    All you need to do is to remove the selection of “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages“ option from your Personal Settings page.
    Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings.


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