I have been having some trouble setting up permalinks in one of my Wordpress installations. After several .htaccess updates and a lot of reading, I decided that my problems were probably on the v host level. When I click on the v host tab, I do not see any accounts that have been created, but my site is working fine other than the permalinks so I am assuming there is something there. Should I create a new v host account? I am using a litespeed server, and I tried restarting it several times, but this did not fix anything.

After reading through forums, it seems like I would be able to create a "/" context point to the document root of the web site, then add rewrite rule there, but I am not entirely sure what this means.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I will be willing to send someone $10-20 via paypal if they can provide a material amount of help via advice or direct help. I can also offer free, extensive SEO advice to anyone who is able to help.

I will consistently check my pm's and the replies to this message. Thanks in advance!