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    Installing oauth on debian server errors

    Does anyone know from the errors why I can't install oauth on a debian vps server hosted at dreamhost? Any remedies?

    $ pear install HTTP_OAuth
     Failed to download pear/HTTP_OAuth within preferred state "stable", latest
     release is version 0.2.3, stability "alpha", use
     "channel://pear.php.net/HTTP_OAuth-0.2.3" to install
     install failed
     [ps113620]$ pear install HTTP_OAuth-0.2.3
     WARNING: channel "pear.php.net" has updated its protocols, use "pear
     channel-update pear.php.net" to update
     Cannot install, php_dir for channel "pear.php.net" is not writeable by the
     current user
     $ pear channel-update pear.php.net
     Updating channel "pear.php.net"
     could not create lock file: fopen(/usr/local/php5/lib/pear/.lock): failed to
     open stream: Permission denied

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    First off it sounds like you don't have root access. Log into root through your terminal.

    Then update your respiratory


    Debian is very big on stability. It doesn't come with the latest version of things, it comes with the latest stable release.So the package that Debian is using for whichever version of Deb you have might not be "brand-new", but it will be new.

    Now try installing the package again. I forget the exact name Debian uses for OAuth, but I know it is

    apt-get install package


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