I'm this is ym first post and am looking for some help if possible.

I have a php signup page like: www.mydomain.com/signup.php

Using .htaccess i am trying to make it so it shows like this in the browser www.mydomain.com/signup/

Even thou i can get it to work partially it's not working as i would like it to.

Basically if i visit link like: www.mydomain.com/signup/ it works

if i visit link without trailing slash it works in FireFox (with and without trailing slash) but without trailing slash it does not work in Chrome or IE, it just basically has problems loading the page.

if i visit the url as www.mydomain.com/signup.php i can still access it, i would like it so someone can only access via the friendly url and not the actual link as shown just above.

Another problem i have if i visit the page in particular like www.mydomain.com/signup/ and submit the form on the page it keeps adding /signup.php/ and repeats that on the url.

Here is the url rewrite.

RewriteRule ^signup/(.*)$ signup.php [NC]
I would like it so if the user did or did not enter a forward slash on the end it will still be a valid page and want to try and not allow access directly like www.mydomain.com/signup.php, (basically only want them to access it via friendly url.

Would appreciate it if someone could help solve my url rewrite, i am not very good with regex and url rewriting.

Thank you