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    .htaccess Server Headers Coding?


    First of all thanks for making me a part of such important forum. I read the post about .htaccess error implementation from javascriptikit.com.

    I have a question regarding .htaccess error deceleration. As i read out from the post that if someone want to set a error page for not found then use 404 error code as below in .htaccess file

    ErrorDocument 404/errors/notfound.html

    Now can any one tell me how a server get know which one page is not found or for which page we used this error code? Are the server found itself the not found page and return the error or what is the procedure? Please clear this concept?

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    I don't understand this question at all. ErrorDocument is tied by the server to respond when a 404 is issued. It intercepts the standard 404 header and instead presents a valid page to the client. If file does not exists = 404 error.
    If there is anything that a webhost can do, its determine what its return code is.


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