We have two domains, www.newsite.com and www.oldsite.com

What I am after is a way to redirect all visitors that come to the www.oldsite.com or www.oldsite.com/anotherpage.php to be taken to www.newsite.com/oldsiteHoldingPage.php which would tell the visitor that we are changing domains and to update their bookmarks.

Using cPanels redirect work when I do what it asks and add a trailing / to the end of the url ie.


So I visit www.oldsite.com and in firefox and google chrome and the others as far as I can see the redirect works, but not for IE it actually has the trailing / in the address bar causing the images not to load. In the other browsers the trailing / is not there.

But what I also want is when the visitor visits the other page that may also exist on the new site, ie, contactus.php was on both sites but if they are using the old domain to view the page i still want them taken to the new holding page.

Basically if the url has www.oldsite.com in it then they are taken to the holding page.

What is the correct way to do this.