I am trying to ready myself for when I may/will, have to run separate web servers through a RAID array. As I envisage it so far, each main web server will have one active passive (fail-over) server so for example, if I have three live web servers, there will actually be 6 in total because three will be running qietly in the background, ready to take over if one live webserver fails.

That sound sensible so far?

OK, so I need to be able to create virtual domains for each client eg /var/www/vhosts/client_domain_name/

i shall be running a SAN db server, which will contain the db that all web servers will use.

So, I would prefer to be able to manage all domain configs via the db. Can the webservers be set up so that instead of getting the virtual hosts details from the httpconfig file it would get them from the db?

If you can show me a tutorial, it would be very helpful since my fav search engine seems to throw up nothing of much use.