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    weird htaccess / passwd crossover

    Hi guys, great site.
    I'm having a strange issue with the password dialogues for linux password protected folders.
    One folder called admin is protected with

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Admin Console"
    AuthUserFile "/root/to/admin/passwd"
    require valid-user
    and .htpasswds/... as appropriate with user:cryptpass

    A php function within admin creates folders in another folder called ftp

    PHP Code:
    if ($form_sent) {

    // remove everything but letters and numbers from folder name
    $pattern "/[^A-Za-z0-9_]/";
    $folder_name preg_replace($pattern""$folder_name);
    // create folder and put index page in it which will include one central index page
    $dir "ftp/";
        if (
    is_dir($dir)) {
    // if folder doesnt already exist in ftp
    if (!is_dir($dir $folder_name)) {
    mkdir($dir $folder_name);
    chmod($dir $folder_name,0777);
    // copy the relevant files into new folder
    copy($dir "index.php"$dir $folder_name "/index.php");
    // do the passwords for ftp folders
    $passfile "/root/to/ftp/passwd";
                if (
    file_exists($passfile)) {
    // open pw file for writing
    $fp fopen($passfile,"w");
    // open dir to read for usernames
    $handle opendir("ftp");
    // loop thru using dir name as user for each folder in ftp
    while (false !== ($file readdir($handle))){
                        if (
    $file != "." && $file != ".." && $file != "index.php" && $file != "ftp_console.php" && $file != ".htaccess") {
    $un $file;
    $pw "password";
    $pw2 crypt($pw);
    $text "$un:$pw2";
    // write encrypted pass to file
    // close file
    // if file exists
    // if !isdir
    // if isdir

    // if form sent 
    The ftp folder has a .htaccess file as with admin that points to the password file generated above

    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "West One Music FTP"
    AuthUserFile "/root/to/ftp/passwd"
    require valid-user
    This all works well except that when a user that hasnt logged in to the admin folder in the browser session tries to go to an ftp folder they are prompted for a password first for the ftp file as created above and then (and heres the hair ripper for me) they are prompted for the admin folder password (states realm as "Admin Console")!

    i remember reading a php bug report on something similar but cannot find it now however my first port of call, rather than to suggest a php bug, is to realise that i'm probably doing something stupid!

    Any help greatly appreciated

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