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    htaccess file for audio mime types

    Hello, Im having trouble getting playlists to work on my site. Ive updated the mime types in the server settings & still with no joy. My playlists still keep opening as plain text files instead of loading up the corresponding audio software on the visitors pc.

    I put a .htaccess file on my server to try & make it work this way, but when the file is there my website wont load up at all.

    This is the text in my htaccess file...

    AddType video/x-ms-asf
    AddType audio/x-Mpegurl
    AddType audio/x-scpls
    AddType audio/x-pn-realaudio
    AddType video/quicktime

    Does anyone know why this may be happening?

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    Are you sure the file names are correct? How did you create the playlists? Are you sure there is no .txt extension on there somewhere? Do you have a link to your site or one of your playlists?

    Its also possible your php installation is running as a module in which case I don't think htaccess will work properly.


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