Hi everyone,
I run a phpBB 2.0 forum site and I have implemented an htaccess file in my root/www folder to prevent leeching/hotlinking of the files my members upload to the forums. It is working well.
My problem now is:
All my members can view these files and in the case of video files watch them but they cannot download the files to thier computers.
I would like to allow certain privelidged members to be able to download certain files whilst still preventing hotlinking and also preventing non privelidged members from also being able to download files, but all members must still be able to view the files.

Also I would like to be able to give each privelidged member a password that they log in with to be able to download the files. (htpasswd?).

Can this be done with htaccess?
I am sorry if I did not explain things very well. I am new to htaccess and what it can do. I have searched and searched for a method to achieve this but have had no luck at all.
Please help,