Hi All - I am new here, notrmally do some PHP, trying to get better at it.

I want to do the following.
I want for one of the sites that I am building , to have links without variables in it, but still load personalised information based on the link info. Those links all point to one subdirectory.

I'll write it down in an example.
subdirectory: "q"
Script that should handle all incoming links: "q/index.php"
This is the link that works: "http://site.com/q/?12345678" (12345678 is matched aganst the database and the result is built via index.php script)

The link that I want to make: "http://site.com/q/12345678" (note: the "?" is not there).

My problem is that in what I want, "12345678" in the browser is seen as a PAGE rather then a dynamic request.

I think there should be a way to handle this in apache. I checked .htaccess info but I could not figure it out.

Does anyone have the answer, how to make the link "http://site.com/q/12345678" being processed by "q/index.php"?

Thanks in advance!